09072022 Ely Folk Festival


Very glad to be back to Ely FF! Encampment, already looking homely homely by mid-afternoon.  Much Blessed by having Jill, Gisela and the Pobjoy Clan with us all weekend. Squire brought some Hogsback beer in a cool box, quickly broached!

Evening to explore the site, really good. Compact but never overcrowded, superb beer tent with lots of really good natured stewards. Some good acts – locals and visitors. Too much beer drunk, festival food and whisky to top off.


Leisurely start and all on to the double-decker bus to the cathedral to prepare for the procession through the town centre. Miscreants into the Minster Arms pub for a quick one and to get an England versus Australia update… The procession was great, our animal making the most of being the only beast seen during the whole weekend . Ely is lovely, so good to get a small chance to explore despite a busy programme. 

Nice to see a lot of Molly dancing, along with Cotswold, Northwest and Rapper. The audience had, to quote our verbal Fool, “A cornucopia of the Morris dance”.

Lovely dancing spots with some lovely other sides, some genuinely good and interesting performances. Drayman’s Arms was nice. Riverside spot was particularly good, wedding bombed,  with a fantastic walk back behind the cathedral. Nice to meet clan Crossman Clan at the last spot. Back on the bus and back to the site for some much needed showers. 

Some great acts on in the evening, with the venerable Lindisfarne headlining.


Very leisurely start over more bacon sandwiches. Our Arena showcase spot transformed into a couple of dances in the dust by the bus. Oh well!

Surprisingly good spots with lively Molly and Border sides. YMM now in the groove, out came the water pistol. The Horse scattered an entire class of Palestinian students in one go. Pub lunch in the Hereward. 

Most of the side stopped over, with a few making the weary Sunday home trip.

An excellent festival, well organised, friendly, sized just right and with real friendly Buzz. We performed with some really nice sides, certainly made one or two of us reappraise our views on some very interesting Molly.


Rod Crane, Andy Pobjoy, Tom Brady, Paul Lethbridge, Baz Crossman,, Gunther Clasen, Tim Lloyd, Ian Sutherland, Ross Healey, The Beast

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