If you would like to contact Yateley Morris Men please contact one of the following members who will be pleased to help you.

Squire Ian Sutherland 07704 551821
Bagman Paul Lethbridge 07880 706162
Treasurer Ian Young 07867 907187
Public Relations Ross Healey 07990 782638
Recruitment Ross Healey 07990 782638

You may be wondering what Bagmen and Squires do and who to contact. So here is a brief guide.

  • The Squire is our Chairman so you can contact him about almost anything, particularly if your interest is not covered by one of the other, more specific, roles.
  • The Bagman keeps our programme and organises which events we attend. So if you would like us to appear somewhere then he is the man to contact. We can be tempted out to dance for modest remuneration, good beer and a warm welcome.
  • Our Treasurer looks after the money so you’ll probably only need to speak to him if he’s chasing payment.
  • Our Public Relations Officer can help you if you are a member of the press, a company seeking a novel advertising theme, a private photographer looking for an interesting photo opportunity or another local group wanting to understand more about The Morris and the Yateley Morris Men.
  • Our Recruitment Officer would love to hear from anybody who is tempted by the thought of joining the Yateley Morris Men. We are always looking for additional dancers and musicians: whether young, old, experienced or total novices. If you are looking for a wonderful way to get fit (it’s a bit more physical than it looks) and another year on the treadmill at the gym isn’t exciting you – we may be just the answer.

Or simply fill in the form below and press submit and it will send us an email. Or email bagman@yateleymorrismen.org.uk .