Ilmington Dance Notes

Hand movements go from being together at chin height the hands are brought down to be in line with the body about 45 degrees out from the side, not behind the body, don’t forget the flick as hands come up on this set of stepping. Stepping is generally two bars of double step, two bars of single step feet together jump, except for Old Molly Oxford and Bumpus the foot up is stationary. All dances start facing partners and on outside foot. At the end of all dances wait facing partners for clapping to stop and music to start then walk off or if No 1 says, dance off. There is a feint step to start each figure.

Foot up – Double step 2 bars turning to face up but no moving up, turn out to face partner to 2 bars single step. Repeat facing partner.

Cross and turn – Two bars double step across set, sharp turn right, left turn 270 to single step, repeat to cross set back to place.

KEY: FU – Foot Up (moving in OMO), Sh – Shoulders, BB – Back to Back, C&T – Cross and Turn, HH – Half Hey, R – Rounds, SS – Sidestep, MM – Dance in to meet partners (OMO), FTJ – Feet together jump, DF – Distinctive Figure (Chorus), FD – Foot Down


Dance Sequence Distinctive Figure Comments
Jubilee FU, DF, Sh, DF, BB, DF, C&T, DF, R Short sticks. Clash forward partner, forward left, back partner, forward partner, back partner, back right, forward partner. Half Hey and repeat. Hold sticks high.
Maid of the Mill FU, DF, Sh, DF, BB, DF, C&T, DF, R Knotted hankies. Sweep hankies in, start inside foot, turn through 360, repeat, half hey, repeat complete hanky sequence. Don’t duck under hankies. Wait at end for someone to collect hankies before walking off.
Maid of the Mill IO, Cnrs, Spts, Round Houses, WR, IO 1st corners is a back to back with maid between, round houses odds face maid as they dance round her evens dance round set. Start in set and open to circle when music starts. Walk round is a spiral in, break, then spiral out into circle, dance in then out dance in lift maid, watch where your hands go: 2 & 4 place shoulders under maid to provide solid lift while gripping knee!
Old Molly Oxford FU, MP, Sh(1), DF, SH(2), FD, MP, BB(1), DF, BB(2), FU, MP, C&T(1), DF, C&T(2), FD, MP, R(1), df, R(2), FU, Turn right all in. SS left for four steps then SS right for two steps FTJ, half hey, repeat the sidestep sequence. The foot up and down is a moving one and as you turn out do so with a wide sweeping movement, nice and showy. Flick hankies up in the MP.
Bumpus o’ Stretton FU for top pair then top & 2nd pair then whole set, HH, Sh, FU, HH, BB, FU, HH, C&T, FU, HH,R . Good opening dance. Nice moving foot up.
Haste to The Wedding FU, DF, Sh, DF, BB, DF, C&T, DF, R Corner dance. SS right towards partner, SS left to meet partner right shoulder, four capers round partner hankies rotated at hip level, four steps back to place , two capers FTJ. Brisk dance. Ensure that you are shoulder to shoulder with partner when dancing round. Only two capers at the end of the DF.
Old Woman Tossed Up In A Blanket (There was an old woman tossed up in a blanket, 99 times as high as the moon. What she did there I could not but ask it for in her hand she carried a broom. Old woman Old woman Old Woman Quoth I what are you doing flying so high. I’m sweeping cobwebs out of the sky, and I will see you by and by) FU, DF, Sh, DF, BB, DF, C&T, DF, R SS left for four, SS right for two, HH repeat SSs. Put Dave wright No 1 as he can do the rhyme
Shepherds Hey FU, DF, Sh, DF, BB, DF, C&T, DF, R Three hops rt odds hit evens, three hops left lt evens hit odds, two hops rt clash tips butts, two hops lt clash tips butts, two hops right clash tips butts, end on jump clash.
Constant Billy (Double Short Sticks) FU, DF, Sh, DF, BB, DF, C&T, DF, R A corner dance. The chorus starts with a caper to meet corner while clashing own sticks. This is followed by clash partners right, clash own, clash partners left, clash own, clash partners right, clash partners left clash both partners in parallel. A big showy dance, make something of the sticking. After sticking caper while turning back to face partner.
Bean Setting. FU, DF, Sh, DF, BB, DF, C&T, DF, R Stand with right foot about 18 inches behind left. The sticking is dib by right foot, dib by left foot, low tips clash twice to ½ a bar repeat twice more then finish third time with high tip buts tips. Half hey. It is important to keep sticks in line when dibbing so line up on the men you see. Strike ground vertically.
Cuckoos Nest (Stick Dance) FU, DF, Sh, DF, BB, DF, C&T, DF, R A difficult sticking chorus. The odds strike the evens butts three times while both hopping on right leg, pause, then evens hit odds while both hopping on left leg, pause. Then drop on to right leg while striking tips, hop whil striking butts, then on to left leg striking tips etc. Repeat 4 times then into hey.
Bold Nelson’s Praise (JIG) FU, SS, DF1, SS, DF2, SS Starts with 6 bars of stepping ending in a 360 hop round to the right. Chorus is 4 sidesteps right then 4 sidesteps left then hop on left foot and place right foot over left to touch floor , repeat on opposite feet then repeat again for left and right end with 2 bars double step hop back. DF first time place right foot over left then wide apart then together (3 beats)Do this 4 times then stepping hop back. Second time clap in front, then under right leg then behind, repeat under left leg, then right leg, then left leg again.
Buffoon 2xWH, DF1, 2xWH, DF2,2xWH, DF3,2xWH, DF4 DF1, Clap, Slap rt knee, place rt hand on left shoulder of man to your right then: kick up bum, punch chin, stamp, foot, tweak nose. No 3 jumps to 1 and 2; 4 to 5 and 6. 1 and 6 start DF
Sturche’s Piece FU, DF, HH, Sh, DF, HH, BB, DF, HH, C&T, DF, HH, R The distinctive figures are corners. Sidestep right, sidestep left to meet opposite then a bar of stepping to opposite corner, caper and land on both feet to face opposite partner. Remember that becaue of the corners the half hey is ALWAYS AWAY from the music.
Not bad… We use short sticks in the dance Jubilee but apart from that HMM do Ilmingtion the way we do it!