1984 Dartington

Many of you may not know that in our earlier days we also danced NW clog – rather well as I remember. Some YMM dancers only did clog. The attached photo from 1983 shows YMM in clog kit, guests of Dartington MM. The hats look awful, grannies knitted tea cosies! What is not apparent from the pic is that the NW side was standing and all other members of the YMM Cotswold side were kneeling in front of them for  a Ymm side group photo.  AT THE MOMENT OF EXPOSURE, Dartington ‘photo bombed’ us and if you look closely you can  make out ‘body parts’ of the scattered dancers……I (Mike Musgrove) was being trampled underfoot in there somewhere!

Names for the records:-

Back L to R

Tony Whittlestone, Mike Wilson,Paul Montague, Dave Peart, Mike Taylor, Bob Tathum, Dennis Smith, Keith Broughton, Rod Crane, Mac McLaren, Malcolm Huggett,Graham Hatherley, Dave Henderson. And on left next row…Dave Berryman. And on the right..John Farrant and Keith Barker. The fellow in the black topper with long hair is a Dartington musician.