21062022 Coach & Horses, Rotherwick with Basing Clog

21062022 Coach & Horses, Rotherwick with Basing Clog

Beautiful, ‘mellow’ evening, with the lovely Coach and Horses at its best in the warm summer sunshine. A very Morris friendly pub who generously fed us. The Morris sprawled all over the seating, leaving our audience to view us from the back. Pub was busy, good beer range, the back garden with its ‘Ampshire views being very popular. The Horse visited gardens rear and front –to mixed laughter and shrieks!

Plenty of banter (2 Cotswolds dances for 1 Clog?) with the ever friendly, multigenerational hosts, Basing Clog. Our hosts danced really well – sprightly and accurately – all evening.

Our picks – Bunny Chaser (…a beer…) and Eynsham Stick Dance.

Lovely evening, lovely pub, lovely Basing.


Andy Pobjoy, Mike Clarke, Chris Franklin, Steve Betts, Pete De Courcy,  David Wright, Chris Chapple, Paul Lethbridge, Baz Crossman, Ian Sutherland, Ian Young, Andy Young, Ross Healey, Robin Acreman in civvies, The Beast