JOIN US! Open Evening September 5th

Our club night is Tuesday plus occasional weekend events. In the summer months we perform in public: outside pubs, at village fetes and farther afield at folk festivals in England and abroad. In the winter months we practice the dances ready for the following summer season.

Recruitment Evening!

Tuesday 5th September at 9pm

Dog & Partridge, Yateley

We are always pleased to welcome new recruits, both dancers and musicians. The best time to get involved is in the autumn but don’t let that put you off talking to us about learning this great tradition. All this is free! It is paid for by the generous donations from the public who wish to see this ancient custom thrive.

Our practices are energetic, lively and fun. We gradually build up the different parts of the dance, all under the expert tuition of our dance foremen.

All of us know the challenge of learning the Morris dance and also the pleasure of dancing proficiently.

The first practices are relatively difficult for new members, like driving a car for the first time; however with practice you too will be able to enjoy confidently dancing the Morris.

The Squire will let you know of your progress during the winter season and present you with your kit when you are ready to dance out with us and perform in public.