05072022 Overton & Fox, North Waltham

A large and knowledgeable audience awaited the early 7:30 start out in Overton as it was
the Folk Club night, added to by our hosts, Winchester MM. Unfortunately the Yateley team
were neither large, only 6 dancers, nor overly knowledgeable, having to rely on the honorary
fool and a yearling to make up the 6! Fortunately as a guest side we were only dancing
alternately, allowing plenty of time to select and discuss our next offering and we did
ourselves proud. Winchester performed to their usual high standard.

Cars were recovered from the 4 corners of.the town – a large local audience has its
drawbacks when trying to find a parking place – and we convoyed along the very rural back
lanes to the Fox, North Waltham, an excellent, if remote, hostelry. Ian Young joined us
there en route from Dorset, offering some relief to the dance side.
It was a very warm evening and this spot was dancing on grass under a marquee, just to
add to the exhaustion factor. The Honorary Fool continued to give some respite with
extended dance introductions, raising the odd titter. Again, there was a decent sized
audience who were mostly very appreciative, and again we entertained well, as did our
hosts. The evening rounded off with songs from Winchester and our esteemed Squire. Many
of us had a fair journey home and left him to represent us before he burned up the back
lanes in his handsome new Triumph motorcycle. A jolly good evening and well worth the trip
out to the Wild West. Very generous landlord at the Fox, definitely one of the best pubs that we have the pleasure in spending an evening.
(I’m sure the squire can itemise the dances. I just did as I was told.)

Artistes : Baz, Ian S, Ian Y (Fox only), Paul, Pete de C, Phil, Tim. Musicians: Chris C, Rod,

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