20072022 Monkey Puzzle, Sarsen Stone, Farnborough

Record breaking heat, Gov advise to stay in and stay cool, so off Morris dancing we go…. ‘Foolish problems…now let’s see…thick, woollen tailcoat? Manly long sleeved neck to calf canvas smock?’. Choices, choices…. 😂’ (nautical weskit and bowler hat chosen for those interested).

Excellent turn out from the lads. 

Warm welcome at the Monkey Puzzle, busy garden. Happy US family. Happy reminisences about the old Monkey Puzzle, used to be very agricultural, now quite a sprawling complex.

More chat from Fool than usual. Sprightly dancing, constrained by tightly packed picnic tables. Horse loving it, generally cuddling…and traumatising American guests. A best dressed hat competition – joint winners Tom (well done Jill!) and Mike after very careful judgement by two lovely Alabama ladies.

Sarsen Stone. Another busy garden, with even less space (‘Big Rounds’ just weren’t!) and another nice welcome. Good to see long time Morris friends as well. The Fool’s wobbly stick ended up stuck in a gutter needing a more rigid stick, walking pole, Mark and a crutch to retrieve – much general amusement, encouragement and eventual applause. The Horse completed an evening of shock and awe, making use of the pub’s cavernous interior. Final dance, Shepherd’s Hey, was danced through the pub and back to the garden. 

Inexplicably no photos, but a quick vid this week.

A really good evening! A treat next week, dancing with Fleur-de-Lys & Jackstraws. 


Rod Crane, Andy Pobjoy, Mike Clarke, Mark Russell, Steve Betts, Tom Brady, Chris Chapple, Paul Lethbridge, Baz Crossman, Gunther Clasen, Phil Goddard, Tim Lloyd, Ian Sutherland, Ian Young, Andy Young in civvies, Ross Healey, Robin Acreman in civvies, The Beast

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