Q Morris dancing – what’s all that about then?

A It’s England’s national dance and a growing activity in the UK and abroad. The dances are lively, varied and interesting. There are different styles, Yateley specialise in one called Cotswold.

Q Why should I have a go?

A The same reason as we do – it’s a lot of fun. We have a load of laughs together as we practice and then perform in some great places. It is also really satisfying to learn and master something new – especially something a bit different. Good friendships are made.

Q Looks complicated, do I have to have any experience?

A No, most of us started from scratch, usually with two left feet! We practice during the winter taught by our own foremen (both dancers and musicians) and then perform in public during the rest of the year. Gets you fit as well.

Q Is it expensive?

A Cheap as chips. Most of our expenses (such as hiring a hall for our practices in the winter) are covered by collections and fees when we perform. There is no subscription fee.

Q I will have to make a big commitment?

A No, you’re in control. We dance on Tuesday evenings at good local pubs and the lads always look forward to that. We also do days out at weekends and aim to have at least a couple of weekends away camping (or similar) every year.

Q Sounds good! What do I do next?

A Get in touch and have a chat with us. The beer is on us!

Contact Details: Ross 07990 782638