YMM performing outside the Dog & Partridge in Yateley on Boxing Day 2010

Key points to note:

1. Stepping is double-step with the distinctive ‘hop’ step being in front and across

2. Each figure, including the Rounds to start, has a ‘preparatory phase’ during the first 2 beats

3. The chorus figures are all ‘swordfighting’ so dancers should adopt a sideways stance for each (not face-on)

4. The hey-on-the-side is a standard Adderbury Hey

5. Everyone moves back during the Middles Left / Middles Right figures prior to heading off into the figure

6. Don’t go too far on the Crossover figure, as we need to clash sticks on the beat during our way back to place

7. Watch the video for the distinctive ‘Upton Hey’ figure