These notes are intended as an aide memoire not as a replacement for the “Bacon Book” but to complement the teaching sessions and incorporate the slight Yateley variations. The current Yateley style of Fieldtown is slow and gentle with showy flowing hands.

Hand movements are slow and with a flourish except at the start of a figure when there is a bit of a flick. In keeping with Paul’s teaching the hankies should be held between all fingers and the palm in order to try and have the hanky open thus enhancing the showy aspect of the tradition. Stepping is generally two bars of double step, two hop backs, feet together jump. All figures must start with an enthusiastic jump and a flick of the hankies (hanky dances), it is a sort of thrust forwards but more up than forwards. A foot up (FU) is considered to be two hop backs feet together jump, dance up, galley out to face partners, dance down, galley out to face partners. In Dearest Dickie, what is called long Fieldtown is danced which is slightly different from other dances and is described in the black book. As a reminder a galley or upright on the X foot means that the X foot stays on the ground while the other does the moving.

KEY: FU – Foot Up, HG – Half Gyp, BB – Back to Back, HH – Half Hey, WH – Wholw Hey, R – Rounds, FTJ – Feet together jump, DF – Distinctive figure (Chorus, HH,chorus,HH), CNR – Corners, Btl – Beetles, UpRt – Uprights, Gy – Galley, AU – All up


Dance Sequence Distinctive Figure Comments
Skirmish, Sticks FU, DF, HG, DF, BB, DF, R, DF, AU Middles step well out and clash forehand , backhand with man on right, 1 and 6 clash. Middles turn to clash with men on left, 2 and 5 clash then clash partners. After HH middles turn left then right. Middles must jump out and corner must move in to clash and form an angled set.
Balance the Straw, Sticks FU, DF, HG, DF, BB, DF, R, DF, AU Long sticks, butts on ground well behind on right then just in front clash partner forehand backhand, behind in front again 3 clashes forehand to partner. Make sure all sticks line up when hitting the ground.
Valentine FU, CNR, HG, CNR, BB, CNR, R, CNR, WH, AU Corners are 2 salutes, 2 galleys, 2 beetles and 2 uprights. The sequence is open SS right open, SS left, corner figure, 2 bars stepping to opposite corner and back into middle to meet partner the hop backs to end up in opposite place.
The Rose R, HH, Btl, HH, UpRt, HH, AU Two hop backs and straight into rounds, tight hey then beetles, starting on right foot, in rounds for two bars, into middle for one. Turn out and repeat in opposite direction turning out by the left and starting left. Repeat for Uprights starting right then for second half as you turn out left swing your left foot round behind your right. Lovely showy dance if done well.
Banks of the Dee FU, DF, HG, DF, BB, DF, R, DF, AU This is a pairs dance and starts with the top pair doing 2 flicks of their hankies, then middles then bottoms, then every one, after HH figure repeated starting with new tops. Second figure is galley then beetles then uprights. The galleys, beetles and uprights are all done on outside foot in pairs then inside foot for whole set. This eases transition into hey with feint step. The galley outside is on to the outside foot, the upright outside is swinging the outside foot round.
Dearest Dickie (long Fieldtown) FU, CNR, HG, CNR, BB, CNR, R, CNR, AU Start all figures on inside foot. Corners are open ss rt double step open ss lt ftj then walk to opposite corner 4 brisk steps, 4 plain capers, 2 beetles, 2 uprights, galley right at the end to face opposite corner. All corner figures start on the right foot so as to be on correct foot for galley right.

Half Gyp and Back to Back are two bars to cross then two bars to hop back then WITHOUT a jump 4 bars of stepping in place before a galley left and the second half of the figure.

Foot up has galley down after first part then after dance down it is galley out and up. Galleys at end of figure are left after first half then right after second half, except in rounds where they are right then left. Remember there is no jump half way through the figures.
Nine Daies Processional (not in Black book) Step for 2, walk for 2, step for 2, walk for 2, step for 6, walk for 2, ftj, sidestep for 2, step for 2, sidestep for 2, step for 2 Start with right foot, 2 bars of stepping 2 bars of walking with a pronounced arm movement, each hand coming up to opposite shoulder in a flourish, repeat, followed by 6 bars of stepping, 2 moving forward then three casting round to right and finally one moving forward feet together jump. Then a side step right starting on right foot for 2 bars then 2 bars in line moving forward side step left for 2 bars then 2 bars stepping moving forward to end with right foot up readt to start over again. The description on the left is as it was taught and is for one line. If it is to be done in two lines then the start is on the outside foot. The side steps start on the inside foot and are to the middle to form a single line for two bars stepping and then the sidesteps continue to take you to the other side for two bars of stepping leaving your outside foot up to start over again.
Glorisher (leapfrog) FU, DF, HG, DF, BB, DF, WH, DF, AU The distinctive figures are done individually and comprise a salute, a galley, a beetle crusher and a leapfrog. The first three figures are standard the leapfrog must be clarified. It is an upright where the jump on the third beat is the leapfrog. The order is 1/2, 5/3, 4/6, 2/1, 3/5, 6/4. You have 4 solo performances in this dance so make sure you know exactly what you are doing. Dance ends on 4 capers. Rule: If the man in front goes down; leap. If the man in front leaps; go down. Remember for first figure to be in air on end of last bar of previous music.
Molly Oxford Stepping, Long SS Left, Long SS Right, SSL, SSR Start with 6 bars of stepping, hop back. Sidestep sequence,4 Beetles, Sidestep sequence, 4 Uprights, sidestep sequence, galley right 2 capers.
Cricket Hill FU, DF, HG, DF, BB, DF, R, DF, AU Numbers 1 4 & 5 dance a double step for 1 bar to meet in the middle, turn clockwise for another bar of double step then hop back to the next place, i.e. 1 to 4, 4 to 6 and 6 to 1. This is followed by a half hey then the figure is repeated by 2 3 & 6 followed by a half hey. The second time it is done with capers then beetles and finally uprights. For the sake of simplicity heys are always danced up to the music.
Step Back, Long Fieldtown FU, HG, BB, R, AU A standard long fieldtown dance except that the hopbacks are replaced with step backs done with a lot of show and arm movements. Chorus is a long open sst right so that 6 is opposite 3 and 4 is opposite 1 then sst left ftj to dance opposite partner, half hey.
Yateley Heath, Long Fieldtown FU, DF, HG, DF, BB, DF, R, DF, AU 1 stick in each hand tips are struck on the floor vigorously. Then a pause after which they are struck together above heads. Finally tips with right hand, butts with left, repeat, half hey. Dance with two long sticks.