280620022 Farnborough, Ship and Prince of Wales

smock in action!

Ship Inn

Some audience waiting, eventually all came out and thoroughly enjoyed our rousing display. Enthusiastic applause. Very keen cartwheeling young lady. The manly smock (it’s not a frock..) much admired. Mike on a bike was our only cyclist. Dancing was pretty good all evening, the benefits of a Sat practice organised by Baz. Horse romped gleefully, none were exempt from his attention and his affections. Forgot to go in and look for the picture of Farnborough Morris performing here in the 60s.


Bantering continued and a beerophile audience gradually warmed to our antics. Cars parked anywhere in a radius of half a mile…lost souls passing the pub a number of times.. Fool’s Wobbly stick made a comeback, not universally welcomed… Again good dancing and lots of smiles.

Excellent dance programme, as ever, from Ian. Great support from a number of our ladies. Bless ‘em. Keith lookin’ good in his new, well adorned  top hat. Picks of the night – Bumpus O’ Stretton and Triple F’s sublime Moondance.

Lovely, dancy evening.

Skirmish, Add Stars!

Fool’s Foot !!


Andy Pobjoy, Chris Bartlett, Mike Clarke, Chris Franklin, Mark Russell, Steve Betts, Tom Brady in civvies, Pete De Courcy,  David Wright, Chris Chapple, Where’s Elliott??, Paul Lethbridge, Baz Crossman, Keith Colbert, Gunther Clasen, Phil Goddard, Ian Sutherland, Ian Young, Ross Healey, The Beast

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