01012022 New Year’s Day The Cricketers, Hartley Wintney

A light drizzle started, and then stopped. Hurrah.
A good turn out from the lads and from our audience, great to see so many old friends and YOBs. Especially our Monty who mummed, collected and sold with enthusiasm. A lively set was danced with enthusiasm and panache, if not with total accuracy… Our great crowd was very tolerant.  Jigging from Andy, Ross and David on the pipe and tabor. The crowd were very sympathetic when Ross announced that David ‘had a blockage in his pipes’!

As is now traditional we had the joy of another beastie (remember our Tyger tiger?). This year we welcomed a musty smelling gorilla, a bit mangy, who shuffled around and grunted contentedly. Doubled up on the Parson’s Nose as well.

The Yateley Village Mummers were again upto scratch,  Ian, parade ground smart Noble Captain, Andy’s ‘Little Thwing Thwang’s’ lithp was unthurpathable and Monty’s massive scimitar and hat were much admired.

Lively old Bonnie Green to finish.

A great start to a New Year!


Andy Pobjoy, Andrew Armitage, Tom Brady, Mike Clarke, David Wright, Chris Chapple, Paul Lethbridge, Baz Crossman, Dennis Hausen, Monty, Phil Goddard, Tim Lloyd (civvies), Ian Sutherland, Ian Young, Ross Healey, The Two Beasts

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