26122021 Queen’s Oak, Finchampstead, D&P Yateley

It’s good to be back. So, so good.

A fine day, with large, supportive and generous audiences. Some rustiness in the performances didn’t dent the joie de vie evident in both performers and audience, who applauded enthusiastically (bless you!). Some good, spirited dancing and some dodgy singing….! Lots of Christmas Carol tunes, such as Holly and the Ivy. Andy P had a busy day, calling all the dances and jigging.

The NE Hants Mummers Play had new performers, Mark (tres Francaise) & Peter , and old performers in new roles. They done good, very good. Also the damn Fool in the crowd hollering, chucking plastic bottles and enticing a lurking lurcher to slobber on the four (temporarily) dead sons. Chris, the announcer, was left stranded having announced the play with gusto but alas no mummers to be found. The Fool is suspected…

Absolute delight to catchup with old friends and a sprinkling of YOBs (Yateley Old Boys)

Both performances concluded with a joiny inny dance, Bonny Green Garters, with plenty of eager volunteers.

We aim to support local pubs and local communities, it is good to be back and we appreciate the support of our lovely audiences. XX


Kevin Jenner, Andy Pobjoy, Andrew Armitage, Dennis Hausen, Chris Bartlett, Mike Clarke, Tom Brady, David Wright, Chris Chapple, Paul Lethbridge, Phil Goddard, Ian Sutherland, Ian Young, Ross Healey, Chris Franklin, Mark Russell, Peter de Courcy, The Beast

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