Spring 2022

Phew! A busy spring – Mass Dance at D&P, Oxford FF, May Morn and Yateley May Fayre. Grrrrrreat!

26032022 Mass Dance at Dog and Partridge

Thanks to the generosity of our audience we raised about £250 for the Red Cross for work in Ukraine. Thank you. Thanks also to our great guests (too many to mention), generous D&P and Yateley Lions (and Hazel!) rattling the tins!

A delightful session.


230422 Oxford Folk Festival

Another favourite day out. Lots of train travel and universal scoffing of ‘Spoons breakfasts. Hectic Horse and Frantic Fools, large contingent of YMM shared spots with Berkshire Bedlam, Belly Dancers, Harlequin Morris and Eynsham MM at Broad Street, 2 x museums and Bonn Square.

White Rabbit x2 (and heartfelt singing) with heated seats and King’s Head with homemade pork pies and scotch eggs. Absolutely brilliant to catch up and spend time with good friends – Monty, Clare, Nigel & Yvonne, Max and Jennii and hound, Paul S! Brill

010522 May Morning

Dressing gown fashion parade! Lots of YOBs (Yateley Old Boys), 1 regular and a bleary new family + a good YMM turnout. Plus one very unexpected guest – welcome ma’m. Fine, clement weather. Enthusiastic dancing, if not always accurate. We need to be more Caramel Bunny than Roadrunner… 🙂

Hal-an-tow was sung by some, butchered by others. Off to Paul and Katy’s for breakfast – which was excellent. Thank you both for hosting us!

02052022 Yateley May Fayre, White Lion, Dog and Partridge

Lovely weather, lots of support from friends and locals, Four spots around the Fayre avoiding the arena, with a hyper active Horse – Yateley folk are particularly wary ‘the thing of nightmares’ was heard more than once. Dancing much improved!

White Lion had an excellent crowd, noisy and generous. Disparity in prices between the ubiquitous Doom Bar and Landlord was the main topic of conversation… Dancing got better! Great spot.

Off to the D&P, home of YMM. We should process between these pubs. D&P was busy, Harley meet in the front and blues in the back tent plus swarms of YMM. Busy! Young family en masse – lovely. Keith’s first morris dance in public was very well received. Well done Keith!

Jubilee, Ilmington

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