03072021 Megan Lloyd’s Wedding at Langrish House, Petersfield

On Saturday 3rd July 2021, Yateley Morris Men danced for the entertainment of guests at the wedding of Megan and Robert Briggs. Megan is the daughter of Tim Lloyd, a longstanding member of YMM. In her younger days she danced in the “Magnificent Mini Morris” and her older brothers danced with earlier youth sides in Yateley. It was, therefore, fitting to celebrate her wedding with a show of Cotswold dances.

YMM approached the day with a combination of excitement to be dancing out again after 18 months of lockdown and trepidation at a combination of an uncertain weather forecast, potentially slippery grass and a number of grumbling injuries. In the end only one man was invalided out, so we were able to field a side and a “spare”. Tim had changed his wedding suit for Yateley kit and didn’t seem any the worse despite a generous intake of champagne!

Several weeks of practicing a limited repertoire paid off and the audience complimented us on a fine show. We danced “Haste to the Wedding” with a beaming Megan in the centre and invited the audience in for “Bonny Green Garters”. Tim started off the second spot by dancing the “Princess Royal” jig for his daughter. He had done the same for his wife Julie at their wedding, though maybe less vigorously this time! The weather tuned out to be fine and the surface not too energy sapping…..

Tim had provided bottles of Loddon ale so those driving were rewarded with a “carry out”. We even finished in time for the enthusiasts to get home for the football!

DANCERS: Ian Sutherland (Squire), Tom Brady, Barry Crossman, Phil Goddard, Andy Pobjoy, Paul Lethbridge, Tim Lloyd

MUSIC: Rod Crane (foreman), Steve Betts, Chris Chapple

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