The Covid Months!

We are very, very glad to be out and performing in public again, as of 20072021 at the Frog & Wicket, Eversley after a long 18 months. 
For the record we thought it would be good to note what we have been up to during the great Covid embuggerance, as Peter De Courcy has dubbed it. 

Some snapshots then, all activities within the constantly adapting COVID rules:

  • Blue and yellow Covid masks for the whole side made by Ian‘s daughter-in-law, Karen
  • Zoom dance training sessions by Baz & Rod with recordings, synchronisation definitely an issue!
  • Long discussions about dances and traditions that could be performed while practicing social distancing.
  • Personally delivered and labelled winter ale as a boost for the lads and chocolates for the ladies at Christmas
  • Weekly zoom meetings hosted by Ian Young for the side and invited guests, Peter De Courcy and the Squire of The Ring. Reminiscences of the early days of the founding of YMM from Keith Barker and Paul Montague. Testimonies as well about how individuals got into Morris dancing. Mainly general rabbiting and assorted nonsense.
  • Supporting Ascot Brewery by booking some regular sessions there
  • Ad hoc practice sessions in Mike Clarke’s garden, gradually growing in numbers.
  • Circulating weekly cheery “this time last year” ABOTS from the archive
  • One practice session at Saint Barbara’s church car park followed by breakfast at the Deepcut Cafe
  • Horse revamped and Fool’s coat washed.
  • Regular dance practices at chez Paul & Katie (Thank you!), often merry affairs with excellent fresh TEA via Ian S. Manure cottage industry.
  • Faithful support to the side from Ian and the officers and the foremen. A special thanks to Rod Crane who supported ALL activities, he never needed to be ask twice.

Proud of the whole side as they doggedly stuck to practices (especially our newer dancers) with great good humour and really supported each other – the proof is that when we finally danced out in public for the first time in 18 months we looked pretty damn good. Onwards and upwards!

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