200721 Frog and Wicket, Eversley

This was our first pub attendance since the start of Covid lockdown in 2020. (which meant we hadn’t danced out since Christmas 2019)

What a great evening we had. Seemed like the old days.

Good Fullers beer (served to us at the bar but with masks,) good audience (many of whom we brought ourselves) and excellent dancing.

Although a very limited repertoire of Bampton, Illmimgton, Adderbury and one of our well danced show dances of Lollipop Man from Ducklington.

Numbers of dancers were a bit thin however although having just had some easing of the lock-down restriction meant some dancers were still in hiding.

Although with August and summer holidays in the offing I think we might struggle to field a side on every occasion.

We have been practising a limited set of dances at ‘Paul’s Palace’ with the newer members who really rose to the occasion at the Frog and Wicket and fully supported the side all throughout the evening.

Noted by the so called ‘father of the side’ that the previous weeks of practice had indeed been time well spent. We would never have turned out such a good performance if we had started from cold without those Tuesday night practices.

But it was hot………damned hot.

Fine for Mares, but our gallant stallion, the World Famous Yateley Horse, was suffering in the heat.

Nevertheless he managed some mischievous horsing with cuddles as required and neatly stepped along with the dancers before butting out of the set before he was berated by the dancers…….it is so good to have a crafty horse kick at a musician again.

We had a special birthday chorus for Margaret, with the side in fine voice led by the Squire.

We would never ask a lady her age but there were some tentative enquiries regarding her phone number. She declined…………. however she was offered Muzzies number if needed. Who said she would have to be desperately needy.

On the evening we danced:

Banbury Bill, Jubilee, Happy Man, Lollipop Man, Myrtle Tree a quick Adderbury change from Postman’s Knock to Landlord was instigated by the Squire to include the newer dancers. The choreography of Landlord was interesting with half the set singing in place whilst the other three danced around. Looked good to the audience but I don’t think we will practice it again.

No Jigs as it was too hot and all available Jiggers were fully occupied dancing.


Mike, Chris C, Chris, Steve and Rod………….a full turn out of music.


Ian S (Squire), Ian Y, Tim, Andy P, Baz, Tom, Phil and Mark.

Should be noted that Mike danced in set almost as much

Dance List

  • Happy Man Adderbury
  • Banbury Bill Bampton
  • Jubilee Illmington
  • Lollipop Man Ducklington
  • Shepherds Hey Adderbury
  • Bumpus Illmington
  • Sweet Jenny Jones Adderbury
  • Myrtle Tree Bampton
  • Landlord Adderbury………….should have been Postmans but the Newbies were unsure and I was in the horse.
  • Bonny Green to finish.

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