300719 The Calleva Arms, Silchester & The Plough, Little London

The Calleva Arms was first tonight. We had moved the original date to perform here so as not to clash with Kennet who were there the day before. It was not the best weather but at least it had finally stopped raining. Squire was first to arrive and pleased to see the area out front nicely cordoned off in readiness for dancing so they were expecting us at least. Whilst being served at the bar he couldn’t help but notice someone dressed in Basingclog colours. And what’s this – Fleet Morris lady? Surely not? Yep – seems we had clashed with other morris sides after all. As it turns out it was a blessing and although this was our third joint appearance with Basingclog this month they, and Fleet, were as entertaining and enjoyable as ever. 

A good turn out from YMM meant we could perform plenty of 8 man dances so lots of Adderbury and Lichfield which always go down well with the audiences. Some spectators had even brought out their deck chairs to secure prime viewing positions. I think next year we will have to issue tickets! We also had international representation from The Netherlands by Sarah, the Squire’s daughter and her good friend Alex. 


After a while we left Basingclog and Fleet to continue to entertain whist we headed down the road to one of our season favourites – The Plough. Again the front of the pub was cordoned off with beer barrels in readiness. Lovely beers on offer including Otter Amber – yum yum! And this was a rather special occasion tonight with both Baz and Phil finally retiring (Yeah!) and as the great chaps they are they bought all the beers! Thanks lads! Loads more 8 man dances kept Dennis busy including the Cheesy Grin dance (aka Jenny Lind) which went down well with the audience who voted Baz to have the cheesiest grin of all. As a prize Baz bought himself a beer! Two little kiddies in the audience really enjoyed the show and happily joined in Glorishers to round off a good set of dances.


Then inside for a music and singing session. David, Ian S, Baz, Andy P all performed with some new songs for the season. And then a piece de resistance. A special inaugural performance by Paul with made up lyrics singing Phil’s praises whilst at the same time playing the accordion. I think we have a new Mike Musgrove in the making! Much well deserved applause for a debut performance.

 And a really big ‘Thank You’ to Terry the landlord for not only being so welcoming but also feeding us with platefuls of delicious sandwiches. Yes – The Plough is definitely going to be on next year’s programme!

 Artistes: Andy Y, Ian Y, Andy A, Tom, Phil, Paul, Ian S, Baz, Dennis, Gunther, Andy P, Chris C, David, Steve, Mike, Rod


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