060819 Peacock Farm & The Old Manor, Bracknell

Another unseasonal day of weather was not looking good for Morris dancing as big rainbows lit up the sky on the way to Bracknell. For first timers, Peacock Farm was not that easy to spot from the main road despite the fact it is a very large pub. As the weather was inclement and large puddles of water had formed the manageress kindly offered to let us perform inside. The decor is quite splendid with large beams and loads of shelves filled with books. There was just about enough space to perform a small set of 6 man dances ie Jubilee, Sweet Jenny Jones, Bumpus and we even managed to squeeze in a compact Valentine. A small but very appreciative audience gave us much encouragement and we brought many smiles to their faces. This is definitely a pub to revisit on a nice sunny evening.


Onwards to The Old Manor. Although we were tipped off by the bagman that parking might be a problem we were not quite prepared for what lay ahead. The problem with The Old Manor is that if you miss the well hidden entrance you are then obliged to spend 5 mins orbiting Bracknell on the one way system. On his second time round the Squire pulled in to a bus stop to advise he might be a little late. He was not alone – Steve pulled in behind – equally miffed and befuddled by the Bracknell ring road that was in danger of contending with the Antwerp ring road for the most infuriating orbital route! Fortunately it was a case of third time lucky as we pulled into the Old Manor car park and grabbed the last few spots just ahead of a convoy of other cars. Of course we had to then pay for parking but at least we reclaimed the cost from the bar when we bought our beers. 

Finally, and about 20mins late, we commenced dancing. The audience was relatively young – well about a third of the average age of YMM – but they were certainly one of the most enthusiastic audiences of the year with much hooting and shouts of ‘MORE!!!’ greatly egged on by the Squire. Baz performed his Captain Pugwash jig which went down very well. The show concluded with a Shepherds Hey with several enthusiastic joiners-in. The pub is actually a great spot to perform but the question remains – was it worth the agro with the driving and parking? Probably. 

Artistes: Andy Y, Ian Y, Andy A, Tom, Phil, Paul, Ian S, Baz, Dennis, Gunther, Andy P, Chris C, David, Steve, Mike, Rod


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