July 19 Catchup

020719 Farnborough – Tilly Shilling and the Ship

Departed early from a struggling Tilly Shilling – the table service App works too well! Small but friendly crowd at the Ship. A pub with Farnborough Morris connections – well at least they have an old photo onthe wall!!


060719 Kennet Morris men Day of Dance, Reading

A great day out in morris friendly Reading with lots of old friends.



080719 Display for Rainbows, Deepcut

Peter, Rod, Phil and Ross responded to a request to do a talk, demo and a bit of instruction. Warm welcome, and we performed ‘Bold Nelson’s Praise’ (Ilm) and ‘Ladies Pleasure’ (Fie) to great applause. We taught ‘Shepherd’s Hey’ and ‘Bonny Green Garters’ before running out of time. The Beast caused pandemonium with very mixed responses, delight to horror, from the littlies…and some of the biggies! A splendid little event.

270719 Golden Retriever, Bracknell Charity Event

Mainly fundraising for the Guide Dogs (in keeping with pub name!) but for other good causes. Good, friendly crowd under a huge marquee. Warm reception, bunting snipped and we were off. An excellent turn out from the lads, a face painted Andy A really getting into the swing of things. Lively dancing and good banter with the crowd, who loved the beast when he appeared from a dark corner. A good afternoon out nice to support good causes AND the Golden Retriever pub who had made a big effort hosting the event!




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