130819 Golden Retriever and Crooked Billet

Off back to the Golden Retriever after a great afternoon out there supporting a big charity event. Lovely evening (a faint tinge of autumn?) with a big crowd, large chunks of it brought by Mike (en famille) and Phil!. Fool bellowed, Skirmish rang out and we were away! Some lively dances with some cursing at the back of the set as dancers navigated muddy bits and dodgy slabs. Good dancing. Within seconds some ‘li’l pardners’ had grabbed napkins and were joining in…lovely. The particularly garrulous Fool was smocked up this evening, celebrating the smock restoration by Ann De Courcy undertaken exactly 5 years ago. Proper Job and Tim Taylors in good nick, but at wince making prices…

The appreciative Sandhurst Joggers had stopped jogging to eat and were tucked away into a covered eating area WITH HEATERS ON! One brave jogger even popped her hand under the horse’s cloak to ascertain the horse’s gender – brave? Foolhardy! The brute had a lovely time! Tim collected from the generous crowd. Fast becoming one of our favourite venues, this is a generous pub where we are always made very welcome.


Just a quick hop to the stunning Crooked Billet (rare clapper board design) in the hamlet of Honey Hill we arrived a little late (we had lost Dennis in the transfer), as was noted by one eager punter… This was mainly due to a dearth of car parking spaces, plenty of people in the pub, relatively few came out. A bit of table shuffling and we were off. The Squire was in speculative mode and we had a good bash at the D&P and Colonel Lanos’s Skirmish – not bad.


A most enjoyable evening, the lads are all smiling & laughing in the photos!


Paul Lethbridge, Andy Pobjoy, Andrew Armitage, Mike Clarke, Steve Betts, Chris Bartlett, Greg (civvies), Tom Brady, Chris Chapple, Dennis Hausen, Phil Goddard, Ross Healey, Tim Lloyd, Ian Sutherland (festival garb), Rod Crane, WFYH,


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