Kennet Ale 16th February 2019

Another great evening with the Kennet Morris Men lads and a scout hut packed with morris folk. YMM tuned out in good numbers. Victory Morris, Hartley MorrisMen, Ripley Morris , Thames Valley Morris Men (TVMM), Icknield Way Morris Men, Winchester Morris Men and various odds and sods all in good order. All three The Morris Ring Officers (well done Kennet) in attendance and they affably mingled and joined in all evening – nice chaps

The traditional pickled things to start with, wisely avoided by older and wiser heads.

Generally good dancing, with lots of mass dances and very healthy mixing of dancers in the masses. YMM performed dances new to them – Jenny Lind, Lichfield (bit shaky) and Colonel Llandros, Woodside style (much better) with the D&P, Ilmington in reserve. The company of musicians were excellent and well led. In addition to the musicians, Roger Comley played with his euphonium. Loddon Brewery beers were all on and were all excellent , they are very good indeed.

Chilli, spuds and garlic bread with seconds, perfect. Extended and relaxed toasts with the loving cup spurting beer all over the place. Followed by extended singing. It is common for singers to forget the words mid-song and have to do a quick re-boot. Our Ian managed a first by standing up …and forgetting the WHOLE song before even starting. All turned out well and soon the chorus of ‘Flush the Magic Toilet’ was ringing out, in keeping with a general nautical theme. There was fine singing and other singing, not entirely helped by the YMM Fool who decided he could sing and therefore would, harmonising noisily (!) with Ian.

Cracking evening by Kennet – good fun and good company!



Roderick Crane Steve Betts, Chris Chapple, Dave Wright, Chris Bartlett, Baz Crossman, Ian Sutherland, Andrew Young, Ian Young Elliott Brady Tim Lloyd, Tom Brady, Andy Pobjoy, Ross Healey


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