060119 Twelth Night Mummers Tour

After performing in 6 pubs in Wokingham, in Finchampstead, Yateley and Hartley Wintney we got our final event in 2018 – the Twelth Night Tour! Four great pubs lined up, courtesy Ian Sutherland.

Quick beer for some at our local, the D&P, where few eyebrows are raised at people in outrageous outfits strolling around! The Sainted Ian Young driving the bus…many thanks…

Our dowdy Noble Captain had asked if anyone had anything brighter to contribute, one new weskit and a comedy, padded and reversible cummerbund were gratefully received! Phil, our novice mummer, did really well. Excellent to see the consistent return of the Parson’s Nose part after patchy appearances (you will have to ask…).

The Frog & Wicket – Eversley Cross 7.45

Three imbibers spotted us sneaking round the back….they had legged it out through the front door by the time we entered through the back. A relaxed performance to a small, but attentive audience. The Sons died tidily in a neat row on the floor…very odd! A good warmup. Excellent Fullers beers for which we had to pay, alas!

Rose & Crown, Sandhurst 8.30

A lively little crowd with lovely kids and dogs. Followers from Yateley WI swelling the numbers. First outing for the comedy cummerbund, which slid gently off the NC. It DID fit the Narrator – the glittery, disco ball finish suiting him greatly. A noisy play, performed right in front of the bar…and route to toilets. Rumour has it that there is a threat to the R & C, one of our favourite pubs and a great local resource. Excellent range of beers, no idea what I had, but it was great…. for which we had to pay, alas!

The Crooked Billet Wokingham Honey Hill 9.15

In we marched…a bit Marie Celeste with just a few startled customers tucked out of the way and apparently no staff. Should we, shouldn’t we? Of course we did! A tidy performance and the three captive lads were game enough to pose for the group photo that the beery NC was demanding at each pub. The pub looked absolutely wonderful (inside and out). Excellent range of beers, not the cheapest pint tho’…. for which we had to pay, alas x2!

The Golden Retriever Pub 10.00

A few punters scattered around this enormous pub….two trapped and worried looking lasses left at speed immediately after our rousing final performance…amazingly energetic staff cleaning and mopping who bravely resisted all demands and wheedles for some free beer… for which we had to pay, alas!

Fine performances, to tiny audiences, from all the mummers. Social media updates and photos from each pub was a first. YMM will now hibernate until 1st May – seems an awfully long way off!

PS Confused? Mummer’s Plays are traditional plays (beery, bawdy and noisy) featuring life, death and resurrection performed at this time of year, especially 12th Night. Ours is local, from NE Hants. Something to experience rather than describe.


Rod Crane (FC), Paul Lethbridge (RMK), Andrew Armitage (LSS), Peter Stapleton (Narr/Parson’s Nose), Tom Brady (TK1), Phil Goddard (TK2), Ross Healey (NC), Tim Lloyd (Dr), Ian Sutherland (KG), Sainted Ian Young


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