130419 Thames Valley Morris Men – Spring Ale

130419 Thames Valley Morris Men – Spring Ale

‘Ales’ – dancing, beer, food, bit of singing but mainly dancing, with old friends. And always noisy as old friends catch up with the news and gossip. Lovely!

TVMM were joined by YMM, Kingston, Ewell St Mary, Greensleeves, a Kennet Kontingent and Lester.

It’s the time of the year where new dances are carefully pushed down the slipway into the public domain with scowling foremen clucking like hen-like midwives over their new deliveries….ours was The D&P. YMM performed show dances Sweet Jenny Jones (Add), The D&P (Ilm), Myrtle Tree (Bam) and Maid of the Mill (Ilm) and were all well received.

Some good dancing all round with a great mix of show and mass show dances. Ewell must have been powered by Duracell as they performed tirelessly….their 40th anniversary year this year, apparently being celebrated by filming gurning morris loons wishing them happy birthday.

Rod & Chris in good form as our music, as were all the musicians who, led by the redoubtable Lester, gave out as much banter as they received! We suspected some musician hi-jinks when Balance the Straw was played allegro x2 followed by Young Collins at a funereal pace…were our bells being pulled?

The Fool (for he was the ‘Only One’) announced Phil’s first public performance in kit to well earned general applause. The cheese board was covered but ‘out’ and was largely scoffed by the time of the feast, the ‘Only One’ noisily chiding some Greensleeves lads for eating all the blue – bang goes an invite to Wimbledon…

A frisky Horse appeared and took liberties with the ladies of Kingston who know his tricks of old!

Beer was from the Claygate brewery – ‘Daisy something’ and ‘Cole Porter’ were both very good.

Main meal was again great – the rainbow trout was superb as were the four homemade hot choices…and seconds. A few songs allowed opportunities to polish off the Daisy Something and cheeseboard remnants before more ‘looser’ dancing. The evening finished with ESMM’s Saturday Night in their own style with ‘everyone up. A great finish to an exceptionally nice evening. TVMM are always great company and great hosts and tonight was no exception.


Rod Crane, Chris Chapple, Peter Stapleton, Baz Crossman, Ryan Cooper, Phil Goddard, Andy Pobjoy, Paul Lethbridge, Tom Brady, Ross Healey. Beast


One thought on “130419 Thames Valley Morris Men – Spring Ale

  1. A couple of unsolicited comments from the lads ‘Great evening last night, really enjoyed it!’, ‘I thought last night was very good!’


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