The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen 210818 Calleva Arms & Plough, Little London

A lovely evening, although very humid, just 8 hardworking dancers! Walking wounded Tom & Ross were conscripted for frontline action. Messrs Armitage and Healey jointly won the ‘most sweaty award’. This event is at the far edge of our range, just round the corner for some, back of beyond for others…


The audience at the lovely Calleva Arms were generally ‘not fussed’, despite some warming up by our chatty Fool. One exception, a lovely lady mentioned the ’16 Kennet dancers last week….’. Happy, if not very accurate, thrashing followed. It felt all a bit end of season…. The Fuller’s fare was good (Seafarers was tip top) and the pub busy with diners, including one table full of lasses who were targeted by our charming beast – much squealing!

Pitch dark at the wonderful Plough with dance area helpfully cordoned off. Small but very keen audience including a lovely family with two young daughters who joined in everything, one heard the call ‘rounds’ and happily span on the spot….for ages. One loved the beast, the other not!

The Squire decided to go for it calling rarely seen dances, Colonel Landros (all looked good until rounds) and Millie’s Bequest (dubblin’ up the best figure) and a ‘first’, Bacca Pipes jig with Dave, Baz and Paul, first time out! Suspiciously accomplished random audience members were enlisted to ‘have a go’. Bumpus and Sweet Jenny the pick of the dances. Hoppy Hilda is always delicious…and brewed in the village!

Food indoors provided by a generous landlord and a short fun music session with Ian and Baz leading the way. Slipped away late for the inevitable ‘lost in the Hampshire lanes’ before finding the M3.


Paul Lethbridge, Andy Pobjoy, Andrew Armitage, Dave Wright, Steve Betts, Tom Brady, Greg Bramwell, Baz Crossman, Phil Goddard, Ross Healey, Ian Sutherland, Rod Crane, (Robin Acreman, Ryan Cooper, Ian Young, Andy Young, Richard Cheney and Paul Montague – a whole side in civvies!!) and the WFYH,


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