The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen 280818 Anchor and D&P, Yateley

Home turf for us tonight. A lovely warm welcome from Di and Jeff at the Anchor, Doombar in great form ‘best I’ve ever tasted’ and plenty of happy banter with Jeff at the bar. A serious darts match underway inside as we got stuck in outside. Some nice dancing at this lovely unspoilt pub. Jeff and Di had thoughtfully barrelled off the dance area. A besmocked Fool pushed up the volume to 11, gav a short lecture on the history of the pub and we were off! One spectator had danced with Farnborough Morris Men, so undeterred by any practice in at last a couple of years, we attempted ‘Jolly Jack Tar’ in the Farnborough Tradition for him. Complete rubbish. Moving quickly on we included a couple of young girls who wanted to dance EVERYTHING in Sweet Jenny Jones and Glorishers…awwww…. Very cute!

Pretty dark now we descended upon the D&P, the sign says the ‘Home of the Yateley Morris Men’. Good to see Barry Y and John F – loyal YOBS and some Kennet lads recovering from Saddleworth. Excellent turn out from our lovely WAGs who were definitely in playful mood! We had a very amiable session as the squire resurrected some moribund dances – we happily gave them a go (including Stepback, Fi and Black Joke, Bl) before retiring for extensive jibber jabber inside. Mild outrage from the Fool as no-one had alerted him to the generously provided free jugs of beer ‘give it over here’….


Paul Lethbridge, Andy Pobjoy, Steve Betts, Max Haynes, Tom Brady, Greg Bramwell, Baz Crossman, Phil Goddard, Ross Healey, Ian Sutherland, Rod Crane, Robin Acreman, Mike Clarke, Peter Stapleton, Ian Young, Andy Young, WFYH Plus Barry Y and John F – senior YOBS



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