The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen 140818 The Tilly Shilling, Farnborough, Hampshire

Now a regular venue for us, we like ‘Spoons and the Tilly Shilling was heaving! Plenty of banter in the beer queue with thirsty punters – we do like these prices (especially with CAMRA discount coupons!!) and the beer (Loddon Brewery and Black Sheep particularly good!). Lots of family and friends with us – thank you all! A few of supporters even succumbed to the steak & beer offer. Brill.
YMM were guests of fleur de lys morris from Godalming who were in fine form and were JOLLY GOOD. Lots of smiles and general exuberance, w particularly liked the ‘circling of the musicians, at end of dances and the showy sidesteps in Banbury Bill. FDL were great company! As were some old lags and old friends from the sadly defunct Cuphill Morris men who support FDL, hi Ross!
Both sides needed to be on form and assertive as the audience was large, noisy and interactive – many clearly had taken FULL advantage of the cheap beer prices. We were in good form (despite limpers Tom & Ross) and received lots of cheery, beery compliments. YMM’s Adderbury looked good with new lads gaining confidence every week, Blue Eyed Strangler (Bl) also crisp and Lass of Richmond Hill was fun with the Fool handing out top hats to the crowd leaving bemused dancers to hunt them down… The Horse worked the fringes chasing and nipping passersby from a multitude of different countries, enjoying itself hugely, but no FDL beastie. A good double Fighting Jig from David, Paul and Andy P had the crowd stepping back from the ferocity of the dance.
Final dance was a delightful mixed mash Vandals with both sides in a risqué mingling. Oooh!
Off into the pub for more (did we say cheap?) beer and serious duckin’ and divin’ as the annual ‘who will be offishers next year’ discussion kicked off….
Andy Pobjoy, Andrew Armitage, Chris Bartlett, Peter Stapleton, Mike Clarke, Steve Betts, Tom Brady, David Wright, Greg Bramwell, Chris Chapple, Baz Crossman, Phillip GoddardIan Young, Andy Young, Roderick Crane, WFYH, Ross Healey

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