The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen 070818 ‘The Bulls’ – The Bull Barkham & The Bull Inn Arborfiel

Two great historic, village pubs – and both thriving. With recent stats saying that 16 pubs are closing every week, YMM remain proud to support our local pubs and communities.
Despite a dark, overcast and humid evening, we received a warm welcome at the Bull with a lively audience spilling out of the pub after a well-supported Thai buffet. Lots of family and friends (we love you!) in the upgraded garden…and a generous landlord! YMM straggled in, having parked a way down the road, much to the relief of SFTN (Squire For The Night) Ian S.
A lively and good humoured set followed, with Ian bringing back some ‘practiced but not danced much’ gems such as Bampton ‘Maid of the Mill’. Gunther and David jigged in the middle of the audience, ‘Go and Enlist’, Sherborne – very good. Rebellion Brewery beers were good (not easy in the heat) and very good value.
A sweating but exceptionally loud Fool startled and deafened close proximity members of the audience (Sorry Janet!) before some serious tickling stick work and the Horse had a happy romp.
On into the gloom to the Bull Inn and off into the garden. Timothy Taylor’s bitter was good, but not cheap. Another small, but happy audience who thoroughly enjoyed the show joining in the general laughter. More bellowing from a very wobbly trestle table as we continued into the dark. Lollipop Man and the Upton on Severn stickie looked good. Quote of the night from an anxious dancer getting back to place in a tricky Lichfield hey, ‘I made it!’ – loudly, in a mix of relief and amazement!
A couple of songs from Ian S and David W saw the evening to a contented close.
Paul Lethbridge, Chris Bartlett, Peter Stapleton, Mike Clarke, Steve Betts, Kevin Jenner, Chris Chapple, David Wright, Baz Crossman, Dennis Hausen, Gunther Clasen, Phillip Goddard, Ross Healey, Ian Sutherland (SFTN), Ian Young Andy Young Roderick Crane The World Famous Yateley Horse

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