The Living Journal of the Yateley Morris Men 25th July 2018 – The Three Frogs Wokingham & Peacock Farm Pub in Bracknell, Berkshire

Another hot dry summer Tuesday, with Tim as acting squire leading the troops with an iron fist. Two new venues for the YMM, what delights would the evening hold?

First Stop The Three Frogs -Up to the bar, to find out that what draft beer was on quickly ran out! Despite that, there was an enthusiastic audience watching and clapping as the dancers simmered in the evening heat. Dancing and music were lively, as is always the case when we have a good audience to perform for.

Two sets were kept short and sweet, in light of the hot weather and this worked well. The Myrtle Tree was notably well danced and played without mishap. Kevin’s unexpected arrival was welcomed, and as usual, he stepped in and danced as though he had never been away. The beast was in a lively mood, ‘Gettit of me!’ The audience must have enjoyed the performance as they were interacting, asking questions and generously putting money in the hat.

A good start to the evening!

Then On To Peacock Farm –

An interesting pub which, as the name suggests, is a conversion from an old barn and other farm buildings, set in the middle of a desolate landscape of building sites for new houses, made special by the mtorbikes roaring past at intervals. The staff were very welcoming and friendly and the draft beer was tasty and well kept though the prices were on the “exotic” side. Bantering about discount for performers fell on deaf ears…

A sweaty blackshirt Fool got everyone’s attention. Two more short, but well performed sets, in front of a young and enthusiastic audience. Nifty dancing, Eynsham stickie / Upton particularly good. Dennis & Phil looking more confident every week. A very self assured Maid Of The Mill (the lovely Francesca) took it all in her stride, until she was caught off guard by being lifted off her feet. The bar staff came out to watch and wanted selfies with the men while the welcome breeze carried away the “Eau de Morris Man” nicely.

The horse made an appearance after his recent troubles. The lack of good grazing with all this hot weather has obviously had an effect, as he sociably chased the fillies and carried a squealing lass off into the pub.

A delightful impromptu folk dance, possibly from North Uist, performd by a couple of the staff, accompanied by Gunther Clasen was utterly charming.

All in all an enjoyable evening.

Those taking part:-

Tim, Ross, Dennis, Kevin, Paul, Andy A, Ian S, Ian Y, Gunther, Barry, Phil, Rob,

Rod, Chris C, Mike, Steve
Thanks Steve.

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