The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen 310718 Runfold and Tongham

The Princess Royal, Runfold.4a59e7c5-1e9b-417e-b6e7-fbc6049b8df79a295158-8f5d-4434-af28-6c64fc7d67f89edc6e20-c107-4d40-a410-f0f52b5af11020b3b52d-609a-4172-902c-3b68201de06e74d1d271-7d30-4201-81db-115cdfcb495494a43185-8add-4943-acb3-d9e023c7c8ee793de2bb-28e0-48b2-8c8a-8ec0a8a9f725ba022594-ee38-4ebf-9272-e7e5b392431ec310a948-97ea-4f24-af9a-2f927e8a8a33c3948237-d2b6-42bd-a032-1a9e37170c43d5f40ee2-0566-4057-83bf-4a434e10fae9ea96cb50-55d5-427a-8b57-3cce6f145628f6cf8164-ef48-4eef-a735-e42657c49f1dff1836ce-5aa5-48ef-97f1-9e115ef5ac5e4047f7e9-e486-4d87-84ae-56203de89406b2882c98-20a0-427b-b890-3304d3f85fda

This is a regular pub for us with both morris and mumming events. On this occasion we were greeted by quite a large contingent of well-dressed folks who were in fact participating in a wake. With some trepidation the squire approached a young man to see whether it would be appropriate for us to perform under the circumstances. It turns out his name was Paul and it was his wife Sandra who had sadly passed away. However he was delighted to have us with them as it turns out Sandra was quite a fan of the morris having seen many sides perform at the Sidmouth folk festival. And so we gladly obliged and danced Highland Mary in her honour. We were perhaps a little more restrained than normal but managed a good half a dozen dances concluding with Shepherds Hey.

Throughout the performance Paul and his granddaughter Myah paid close attention. And little Myah was having much fun joining in with the dances and it should be said with a high degree of proficiency. I think she will make a very good morris dancer!

The White Hart – Tongham

We must remember Tuesday night is quiz night at the White Hart! Nevertheless the landlord had delayed the start of the quiz so that the customers could come and watch a couple of dances. A raucous rendition of Happy Man got us started whilst we slugged back our pints of Hogs Back Brewery TEA.

A jolly session evolved and some hardy folks continued to watch whilst the quizzing got underway. This included a contingency of Sardinian holidaymakers who were on their way from Bath to Brighton and decided by chance to stop off in Tongham overnight. Tongham – a lovely village and a great pub – but really!? Anyway they seemed to enjoy the show. We even managed a Bampton Glorishers which went down quite well.

However the highlight must have been Gunther appearing with a complete hatband and rosette!! Hooray!! Well done Gunther – it only took 3 years! Dancing concluded with an energetic Upton Stick dance which left us with one less stick in the bag than we came out with.

Performers: Any P, Any Y, Ian S, Ian Y, Paul, Tim, Phil, Gunther, Baz, Chris C, Rod, Mike

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