The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen 170718 Barton’s Mill Pub and Dining, Old Basing


Barton’s Mill Pub and Dining, Old Basing

One of our regular and favourite spots, Barton’s Mill was heaving with customers. A packed car park and a packed garden as wary diners and imbibers enjoyed the sun by the mill stream. A generous pub as well, thank you very much.

A surprised and nervous Phil was despatched into the crowd with a handful of programmes to allay fears and explain proceedings while ‘Bumpus’ was danced. Lots of Adderbury danced (‘The Happy Man …. Seven Happy Men and Gunther’ got Gunther smiling) with our new lads looking pretty accomplished. Well done. Squirrel of the night Baz kept things moving – the hat was passed, jigs performed and general merriment encouraged. The generous crowd did warm to us, lots of selfies and feedback by one raucous group.
An Indian lady in Postman’s Knock was overcome by stage fright … ‘and in Hindi’ she said ‘One, two, Three!’.

A few heat breaks as we performed three sets including the risky Blue Eyed Strangler. Plastic flowers were seen – Shock and Horror – but not challenged…..yet.

A final joinny inny ‘Shepherd’s Hey’ brought the crowd to its feet – some to run but most to join in, some with bellpads. All suitably noisy and messy. A pleasant English evening. BUT NO PHOTOS!! If you have any, please send them in!

From our beast : To all my devoted followers an apology for my absence for a while. Some silly Yateley Morris Man left me at the Coach & Horses, Rotherwick last week (well, I suppose they all did, really; did I do something to upset them?). The gallant Bagman dashed to my rescue today, so I am now happily ensconced once again in my stable (although Ross calls it his garage), and I look forward to some more adventures very soon.

Andrew Armitage, Chris Bartlett, Peter Stapleton, Mike Clarke, Steve Betts, Tom Brady (crocked), Chris Chapple, Baz Crossman, Dennis Hausen, Dave Wright, Gunther Clasen, Phillip Goddard, Ross Healey (part crocked), Tim Lloyd, Ian Sutherland, Ian Young Andy Young, Roderick Crane, Robin Acreman, Jess Badley

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