The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen 100718 Sherfield & Rotherwick

Another sunny Tuesday evening as YMM arrived at the “Jekyll & Hyde” on the A33 at Turgis Green. The only potential audience (most of them friends and relations) was already comfortably installed on the rear patio so we cleared some furniture and made space for a tight set. Some hesitation over locating the stick bag enabled us to start gently with “Bumpus of Stretton”. More raucous stick dances followed, much to the chagrin of some ladies who, deciding that their quiet evening was not to be, promptly slipped off to the interior.

Squire Andy Pobjoy performed a jig to close the first set as the dancers, most of whom had danced every dance, gratefully rested. We resumed for a couple more dances, leading off to the “Upton-on-Severn Stick Dance”.

A supposedly easy drive to the “Coach and Horses” at Rotherwick was complicated for some men by the twisty lanes and fading memory. At least Dave Wright had an excuse to not have a factory fitted or even aftermarket sat-nav in his vintage motor! Eventually we all arrived to find our friends Basing Clog already out in force.

The evening continued at a more leisurely pace as the 2 sides alternated dances. Our Squire made up for this by including a vigorous “Jocky to the Fair” from Adderbury. As the light faded YMM chose to finish with “Shepherds Hey” Adderbury. Often danced as a “joiny-inny” we decided to dance by ourselves as a long set for 10 and conclude with a lead off into the distance….

Andrew Young A Pobjoy Barry Crossman Chris Bartlett Chris Chapple Dave Wright Greg Bramwell Ian Sutherland Ian Young Phil Goddard Steve Betts Maxwell Haynes Paul Lethbridge Tim Lloyd WFYH

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