The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen 270618 Wednesday – De Groene Donk and ‘Home Lads, Home’

The hives!IMG_08544DBAB8BC-F026-4F47-BDE5-E980267B91E7B67F2060-22B5-40FF-9F24-D2DA27E0BF61Slow getting up, with much creaking and groaning. Five days of dancing was taking its toll. Coffee and tea in the lounge and picnic benches and some piecemeal packing up before breakfast. Another superb continental breakfast in the sun provided by our hosts. It was really, really good. A special treat we watched our hosts harvesting honey from the onsite hives, it tasted delicious!
Serious packing away now, ‘it’s not QUITE dry, I’ll leave it for another 15 mins’ as the cars steadily groaned under the weight. Final scour of our pitch and final goodbyes and it was off to Dunkirk via Antwerp. An easy journey and two cars met up at a hideous shopping/fast food mall type dump – but it did have a bar!
All in good time for the fortified ferry area. The final big tin of Hobgoblin was broached in the ferry queue with full foaming tankards amusing our neighbours. Topped up, these were then smuggled, not quite Poldark like, onto the ferry…. We watched Germany crash out of the World Cup, watching Germans were most philosophical about the whole thing.
Back into blighty to find grim news about traffic on the M25, with cars flying off in all directions seeking alternative routes. Finally home. A grand tour with a great bunch of lads.
Top marks to our squire, Andy P, for leading us in a ‘new’ venture – a few days extra after the planned event with a (risky!) ‘we’ll just turn up and dance’ unplan !! It went brilliantly, a magic adventure – to be repeated soon I hope. We loved exploring Holland and we loved the Dutch, I’m sure we will be back soon.
Andy Pobjoy, Tom Brady, Greg Bramwell, Ryan Cooper, Ross Healey, Tim Lloyd, Ian Young, Andy Young, Rod Crane,

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