The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen 080518 Cricketers and Waggon & Horses, Hartley Wintney

Everyone a bit cream crackered after a busy start to the season, so a slow start as we warmed up. Slave driver squire programmed loads of ‘practiced a bit, but not yet perfect’ dances to get us upto speed. And an awful lot of them. Swine.

Plenty of us out, the magic call ‘two sides up’ is a great encouragement, I think we had 14 dancers up for our closing Shepherd’s Hey. Plus four of our magic musicians. Good to see Bob Prince out with us …. and Dennis who is getting some black and white kit together and a tankard – so all the essentials!

The Waggon & Horses generously responded to our none too subtle bellowing of ‘Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl’ down the corridor and provided a welcome couple of jugs of beer. Great dance spot on the High St and we made the most of it, dancing well into the dark. Colonel Larnos – first time danced out by YMM, Signposts looking good, good jigs from Gunther and a load of general silliness, banter and laughs from all involved. No beast tonight, shut away kicking at the stable doors trying to get out, awaiting the blacksmith for some fettlin’.

Joined by the growing throng of the lively Clan Young – always welcome and great to see you all – who were at the centre of a good music session in the big bar. Wye or USk Valley bitter was superb, also on was Courage Best, a living fossil of the 70s beer world.

Tuesday pub nights – at the heart of Yateley Morris. Other write-ups of events and our programme available here:


Andrew Armitage, Chris Bartlett, Steve Betts, Tom Brady, Phil Goddard Gunther Clasen, Greg Bramwell, Chris Chapple, Ryan Cooper, Baz, Ross Healey, Max Haynes, David Wight, Tim Lloyd, Ian Young, Andy Young, Robin Acreman, Dennis & Muzza in civvies, NO WFYH. Young Clan.

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