150518 White Lion and D&P, Yateley with guests Fleet Morris

The Frimley contingent (or ‘posse’) had an early gig in Frimley showing and teaching some morris to the delightful Riverbank Beaver colony of the 2nd Frimley Scouts. Beavers and eager leaders/helpers all worked really hard on the Shepherd’s Hey jig and on Bonnie Green Garters, Bampton. Looked very good and was real fun! Thanks Susan for the invite…. and we loved the friendship badges.

After the hard work, some light refreshment was needed, so off to the kebab van at the Tythings for kebabs, one peeeg going large. Lovely evening, we contentedly snuffled into the excellent kebabs peacefully watching some ladies football and talking drivel.

Off to the White Lion with our guests Fleet Morris to a large (and largely disinterested) audience. Dancing got underway led by ‘Squirrel of the Night’ Baz Crossman. The kebab boys suddenly (and queasily) realised that kebabs pre-morris were not a fine idea…. Some pretty good dancing from both sides, Fleet had some really interesting dances, particularly Bampton Sidestep and a Ducklington one which morphed from set to line and back very pleasingly. Landlord did not fill the flowing bowl. Dennis’s first time out dancing with us! Hurrah! He did really well, great hat and a very serious ‘choosing of the tankard’! No beast….he’ll be rampant when let out next week (was it an STD?)

A quick stroll to the D&P. Fleet were a little short on numbers but continued to work hard with some really interesting dances. Plenty of amiable banter with the Fleet musicians. Collection for Air Ambulance taken. Picks from YMM were the Keeper (Eyn), Blue Eyed Strangler (Bled) and Captain Larnos (becoming a firm favourite). Welcome jugs were provided by the generous D&P. We were well supported by friends of Fleet, our very own YOBs and a lovely Kennet contingent – thank you all – but few from the local community. Odd.

A lively music session got underway inside with YOBs Colin and Muzza in full flow.


Chris Bartlett, Steve Betts, Greg Bramwell, Chris Chapple, Dave Wright, Ryan Cooper, Baz, Ross Healey, Tim Lloyd, Dennis Hausen, Gunther Clasen, Max Haynes, Ian Y, Andy Young, Phil Goddard, Mike Clarke, Peter Stapleton, No WFYH!, YOBs – Rob, Muzza, Barry, Colin and Roger.

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