141017 Prince of Wales Beer Festival


From brewery to beer festival – billed as the Wild & Wonderful West featuring beers and ciders from the west of England. Perfect. YMM arrived by car, train and by bike (which didn’t end well for the Heatherside duo!), a good turnout especially from our marvellous musicians.

Also lots of WAGs, friends and families – we do appreciate your support! A popular event, already well attended by the time we arrived, gently squeezing our way onto a table, displacing the incumbents. Complimentary beers guzzled, we embarked on our 3 sets of dancing. Yer get yer monies worth with YMM for sure. Sprightly looking and with good walking on and off. Well done.

Crowd engagement saw the horse entrancing the little ones, the Fool setting the ‘what is this hop completion?’ (WYE CHALLENGER) and hawking of our popular, inexpensive badges and keyrings by Ross and Andy A. And a final Bonny Green Garters for everyone. And recruitment discussions. And banter in the beer queue. Good spots and well chosen dances with plenty of time to fill tankards, enthusiasts doing serious tasting notes and others ‘get me somefink golden’….. Barbecue was fired up and was smelling rather good, but YMM seemed to resist temptation.

A cracking, good humoured beery event. I bet the cyclists regretted stopping off at the Rose and Thistle on the way back…..

Artistes Roderick Crane, Steve Betts, John Reeves, Chris Chapple, Chris Bartlett, Baz Crossman, Ian Sutherland, , Andrew Young, Ryan Cooper, Greg Bramwell, Tim Lloyd, Tom Brady, Ian Young, Andy Pobjoy, Paul Lethbridge, Muzza in Mufti, Ross Healey. Brute.

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