091217 – Charity Event ‘Together For Freddie’, Yateley Green

NewsandMailGood to be supporting a local event for local charities. Fortunate with the weather – bright and cold but soggy and greasy underfoot. Blooming cold, YMM wisely fleeced up especially our long suffering musicians. Some of the lads headed of for the free face painting (handsome holly and berries theme) and to graze on Christingle dolly mixtures! Manger cutouts as well…..

A good mix of Adderbury, Ilmington, Bampton and Lichfield dances, pretty well danced considering the slippery old surface underfoot. Novices Greg and Phil doing really well, Mark appeared as well and was lucky not to get dragged into a set.  YMM cheque book out for a small donation and then, almost inevitably, off to the D&P for a quick one.

Artistes Andy Pobjoy, Steve Betts, Chris Bartlett, Chris Chapple, Max, Ryan Cooper, Ian Sutherland, Greg Bramwell, Tom Brady, Ian Young, Phil Goddard, Andy Pobjoy, Paul Lethbridge, Ross Healey.


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