01012020 The Cricketers, Hartey Wintney

‘A vintage performance!’ High praise indeed from Rob Acreman, senior YOB (Yateley Old Boy), who should know as he has performed at and watched innumerable YMM performances. A noisy ‘Happy Birthday’ started proceedings followed by a rowdy welcome – singing, dancing, jigs AND our authentic NE Hants Mummers Play. Some fine performances from all, helped by some generously provided jugs of beer, Thank You! Generous collection for the large, friendly and morris literate crowd – who cheered us on all through the session. Good friends in the crowed as well, love you all.

Good jigs from Andy and David, followed by a particularly rumbustious Mummer’s Play.

A fun-filled and relaxed show – at home and in good company. 🙂 81882833_10158853298880348_8626186899117047808_nIMG_384381174249_10219799550926900_2663391773815996416_o


Bonus material! Our Peter performing with Lyme Morris PLUS top and bottom halves of Baz and Mark. Mark’s first ever dance out. Well Done!



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