030919 Frog & Wicket and Dog & Partridge

Nice enough evening on home turf – one of those mild, long slow evenings of velvet duskiness. The Frog & Wicket looked great as we arrived, with a busy car park and an audience who had seen us on social media and come to watch. Except for one nice couple on their first date…we were a bit of a nightmare… Our interested and keen audience enjoyed a lively and noisy performance. A number of our wives attended as well – we are all grateful for their long suffering support!


Dog & Partridge also looked good…but a bit quiet outside. Nice to meet David who is interested in joining and Peter of Kennet MM. Sprightly set with Squirrel Andy calling rarely seen and barely remembered dances…PDC was sworn to silence over our rustiness. Jugs of Doombar and Tribute were generously provided!


Andy Pobjoy, Andrew Armitage, David Wright, Steve Betts, Tom Brady, Greg Bramwell, Kevin Jenner, Chris Chapple, , Baz Crossman, Dennis Hausen, Gunther Clasen, Phil Goddard, Ross Healey, Ian Sutherland, Ian Young, Andy Young, Rod Crane, Robin Acreman in civvies, WFYH.


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