270819 Kings Arms, Bagshot (aka Hungry Horse) and Three Mariners – Bagshot

As our dear brute said, ‘Always liked Bagshot. I am a highwayman’s horse, with cloak and mask, and Bagshot has lots of highwayman connections – The Golden Farmer up the hill, the White Hart and allegedly the Three Mariners.’

A really warm night and lots of folk outside the Kings Arms. An idiot lifted a table to make some room to dance only to find half the paved area hanging off it’s bottom! Put back pretty quickly… A range of Greene King beers at the bar, not our favourites. A bemused Andy A found himself with bottles and a need for card refunds and general kerfuffle! Some bellowing from the Fool, in garrulous form tonight, and we were off for a sprightly session. Lots of local history chat with knowledgeable locals, waving at al fresco diners at the Turkish across the road and horsing around. Collection taken from a pleased crowd and we had to leave quickly – we were late!

A quick Happy Man outside the Turkish by London to Portsmouth packet memorial (we were there when it was dedicated!) did not see money raining down…or meatballs…and we were even later for the Three Mariners.


We piled into the historic pub, very thirsty now and promptly overwhelmed the solitary but obliging barmaid. Much better beer – Landlord and Proper Job in good nick. Straggled into the garden to surprised looks from the locals. We had plenty of time to chat before getting underway in the sultry, sweaty darkness. Nice to meet up with Nigel Sparkes as well. Really good, rambunctious couple of sets followed, perhaps not technically perfect but delivered with great joie de vie. The Fool did not like the call ‘all in and beat the Fool to bits’ but responded vigorously with his wobbly stick. Muzza arrived as well! The cautious crowd became captivated and stayed all the way through and most joined in an unlikely Shepherd’s Hey ‘joiny inny’ joyously spilling out into the road. A spontaneous singing session lad by David and Muzza finished off a really fun, relaxed yet energetic evening. Thanks Baggas!

Peter Stapleton’s last Tuesday night out with us before he moves to Bridport and becomes a ‘country member’ – always a Yateley Man and always welcome in kit! Uplyme Morris ? We were glad that it was a good evening to see ‘im off!! XX

Some nice, unsolicited feedback below

These photos are great! Can we reuse them please? ‘Of course you can, honoured! Looking forward to laughing along again soon… maybe I’ll get the routine one day!’

‘Brilliant evening. :-)’

‘This was great fun tonight! Thank you for the entertainment’


Andy Pobjoy, Andrew Armitage Peter Stapleton, Steve Betts David Wright, Chris Chapple, Baz Crossman, Dennis Hausen Gunther Clasen Phillip Goddard Ross Healey, Ian Young, Roderick Crane, Mike Musgrove in civvies, The Beastly One

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