‘A Bit On The Side’ – The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen YMM ABOTS 080619 Swallowfield Church Fete and Yateley Industries

We love going to this quintessentially English church fete (games, events, books stall, plants, tea & cakes, tombola, toys/games and much more) in a beautiful setting. We have a connection with All Saints, our Andy Armitage – dressed in kit with jeans and trainers (!) – manning the toy & games stall with the lovely Kate. A special day – All Saints 750th anniversary, wow. A few informative words from clergy past and present, tape cut and Winstering away we led the crowd into the garden. A few careful dances in the very uneven back garden and then into the ‘main arena’ (!). Vicar Paul was invited to have a go ….and promptly hid in the bushes. Unwisely the Fool was given a microphone….and eventually found out how to turn it on … Any P had a great selection of dances for the programme and we danced accurately and enthusiastically for a delighted audience. Millie’s Bequest looking good! Fool & Horse did their ‘thang’ noisily and with gusto. Farley Hill Horse Trials? Surely all innocent, m’lud? A bottle of beer was forthcoming and then it was ‘tea and cake’ time – caramel cheesecake was VERY good and Chris B quickly got stuck in. All too soon it was time to head off….a lovely little event.


Home turf at Yateley Industries. We received a very warm welcome from residents and supporters. The Fool was told to blather a bit, no second invite needed! A nice set of dances, all well received. The Horse was made welcome and greeted very affectionately. A herd of small hobby horses was discovered – surely not the result of our Horse’s wild oat sowing??! They were far too handsome to be our Beasts misbegotten by-blows, but they did dance with us in our Upton Upon Severn Horse Dance, our final dance. Everyone then went inside for superb cream tea and gallons of tea. Lovely and much appreciated. Another lovely little event.

A very English day …and we missed all the foul weather!



Andy Pobjoy, Andrew Armitage, Peter Stapleton, Mike Clarke, Steve Betts, Chris Chapple, Baz Crossman, Phil Goddard, Paul Lethbridge, Tom Brady, Ross HealeyIan Young, Andy Young, , WFYH,

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