‘A Bit On The Side’ – The Living Journal of the Yateley Village Mummers 201218 Wokingham Mummers Tour

Six pubs, is that too many? Thanks to Tim for sorting out the tour at short notice. All safely gathered at the Hope and Anchor, including a welcome Anglesey contingent Don and Carole plus an outstanding turnout from the Pobjoy clan. Don was our Parson’s Nose for the evening, milking his few lines (when he remembered) mercilessly.

7:45 Hope And Anchor

In went Peter, all sweeping cloak, magnificent sideburns and booming voice, to clear the way! A reverential crowd listened intently and applauded generously – all apart from one chap at the bar who continued to read his newspaper unperturbed by the general mayhem swirling around him. Most amusing.

8:15 The Queens Head

Just up the road on the terrace. Packed to the rafters! Peter was sent in and stopped dead facing a wall of beery bodies. In we went and died tidily on a tiny piece of the floor the size of a welcome mat. Audience had a REAL close view of the action, shouting and flying spittle. Phil’s mumming debut – well done Phil especially as he was accosted mid performance by a local wench demanding to be his sacrifice! Barely time for a beer and a collection.

8:45 The GIG HOUSE Wokingham

Ex ‘Spoons, now under new management with a smaller beer range which did include the excellent Bonds beer of Wokingham. Good luck to new management! Young, lively and noisy crowd interacted with us beautifully. One babbling chap was too far gone to understand any of it and was led off into the night to the Redan…

9:15 The Redan

Imagine the mutual delight to meet up with our audience member from the Gig House! Lively pub/bar which specialised in strong cocktails. Noisy and raucous crowd, limited beer range for us and we caught up with the schedule

9:45 Victoria Arms

Just round the corner, it was a band night and we waited contentedly outside for a band to finish – they were jolly good. Packed inside, we marched in surprising a big audience to silence. Lively play with dead sons lying to close to the roaring fire, much appreciated by the attentive onlookers. We were hardly finished before the next band were on – and they were jolly good as well. A number of Pobjoys had a quick bop and off to the Ship.

10:15 Ship Inn, Wokingham

Packed to the rafters (again) and encouraged by the prospect of a free beer (at last!) our last performance finished on a high! Lots of questions from intrigued punters. A complementary beer from a happy landlord was rewarded with the presentation of a fine pewter tankard.

Sum Up!

Wokingham is blessed with lots of pubs – all very different and all thriving. The Mummers were pleased to contribute to the life and vitality of the pubs. Six pubs were NOT too many, perhaps we could manage one more next year! Any suggestions?


Paul Lethbridge (RMK), Andy Pobjoy (KG), Andrew Armitage (LSS), Peter Stapleton (Narr), Don White (PN), Tom Brady (TS), Phil Goddard (TS), Ross Healey (NC), Tim Lloyd (Dr), Ian Sutherland (KG), Ian Young, Andy Young, Rod Crane (FC),

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