YMM ABOTS 261218 Boxing Day

48375212_10155862168505718_5711173504192217088_n48415003_10156993063729923_5708497357314719744_n48416444_10156993061059923_2532876930395406336_n48423390_10155862180080718_7063388797072834560_n48424868_10155862169835718_7721768040433451008_n48428745_10155862180300718_866150403723493376_n48429677_10156993061259923_3171220602291748864_n48430199_10155862180060718_6773315514878918656_n48908484_10155862168520718_7466369291940528128_n48921847_10155862169530718_7718577133135593472_n48929103_10156993061249923_2448418696327069696_n48992804_10156993062959923_5550269263186493440_n49028170_10156993062599923_7364746543196274688_n49091384_10155862169145718_1097811331827892224_n49292622_10155862169910718_2196399996901785600_n49343478_10157273631470016_1777207435010768896_nWP_20181227_00149238912_10155862169925718_3158208053975711744_nFine mild dry weather, perfect for traditional Boxing Day entertainment. First stop the Queen’s Oak in Finchampstead, only recently returned as a Boxing Day venue. Definitely growing as an event with a big friendly crowd, great mix of folk aficionados and curious passersby. Dancing was of good quality from the start, possibly due to the ‘help’ provided by the TWO fools! We borrowed local Yateley lad Peter De Courcy from Kennet MM – we were a bit reluctant to return him…. A good programme from the squire was danced well, the pick was Jubilee and Little Tarn of Befle’em (that was what the fool announced!). Jigging from Chris, Elliott and Baz was good as well, and on swaggered the mummers to great applause. Loud and in very good form with plenty of ad libs, mishaps and additions! Very thirsty now and with prompts about ‘cellars full of beer’ falling on deaf ears we left for Yateley.

We arrived late at the D&P, but no-one minded. Big crowd already and Church End was genuinely packed. Nicely warmed up, we got stuck into another long programme. ‘Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl’ was well danced and well shouted at the pub, alas….. Dancing was very good (as recognised by the picky squire and a testy foreman) and it was a good ‘show’ – music, dance, horse, fools, cake on a sword and collections all coming together nicely. Picks were Feathers and Myrtle Tree. Jigging again good, now with our David on the dubble ‘n’ pup. Our N Hants Mummer’s Play was excellent, plenty of noise, bravado and ad-libs – all urged on by an equally noisy and knowledgeable crowd. A body surfing Turkey Snipe was a new adventure! Little Swing Swang had caused an internet sensation by playing with too tight trousers, he noticeably (and wisely) hung a little looser this time!

Musicians were great and didn’t miss a beat!

A big thank you to you, our public, for turning out in big numbers and for cheering us on! We do hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did.


Andy Pobjoy, Andrew Armitage, Paul Lethbridge, Chris Bartlett, Peter Stapleton, Mike Clarke, Steve Betts, Tom Brady, Elliott Brady, Greg Bramwell, Chris Chapple, Baz Crossman, David Wright, Ross Healey, Tim Lloyd, Ian Sutherland, Ian Young, Andy Young. Yobs – Rob A, John F, John B and Barry Y. WFYH. Many, many lovely family and friends!

One thought on “YMM ABOTS 261218 Boxing Day

  1. From the squire – ‘To all of those out today ‘Well done!’. I thought we put on a really good show. The dancing was spot on, the music was brilliant and the mummers went down a real treat’


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