The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen 250618 Monday – De Groene Donk and Den Bosch, Holland

Another lie in for most with early birds enjoying the peace of our green and lovely campsite. One tent had been turned into a methane container, if canaries had been present they would have been dead. Coffee and drivel in the lounge and on the garden seats before al fresco breakfast was served! And what a breakfast – huge and delicious with every continental delight. Heads down for quite some time…

Into kit and a walk to the bus stop (all organised expertly by tour leader Tim), a quick stop at a roadside flower stall (in the middle of nowhere, only in Holland!) for some replenishment and onto the bus to Den Bosch. Tickets bought, we were ignored by the cool students as we happily gibbered our way through the countryside.

A brisk walk into the historic square for a beer and we booked a boat trip. Nothing pre-planned, we were on an adventure! Dancing in the square (Ba and Ad now!) and then off exploring and performing wherever (permits and permissions, pah!). Complimentary lemon advocaat at one spot and free pints of IPA at a local brewery cheered us up. Working our way through the legendary Belgian beers, dubbels and trippels being our favourites, but finding none that were really ‘must take a crate home’ quality. Lots of tourists (danced for a mob from Manchester) and lots of questions. Horse in mischevious mood. Lunch on the hoof – hosts had said make lunch from breakfast hams and cheeses, with a deep fried local fishy delight for extras. Glorious sun.

Boat trip was superb, through the diverted river and canals, a cool, dark forgotten world of nooks and crannies only used by the tour boats (what a waste of a resource) with an informative guide. Meal at one of the many restaurants suited all, none of the moules meal going to waste…. Cheese, biscuits and port for later (thanks Greg). Final thrash at bar in the square in broiling evening sun.

A limp back to the bus station and a dozy YMM strolled back to the campsite for some serious chillin’ and cheese, ryvitas and port. Lovely day. Really well done squire for leading us into the unknown! Thanks also to the squire’s daughter the lovely Sarah and her lovely boyfriend Paul for suggesting Den Bosch and (on for Tuesday) the beautiful Heuseden – it was great meeting you both!


Andy Pobjoy, Tom Brady, Greg Bramwell, Ryan Cooper, Ross Healey, Tim Lloyd, Ian Young, Andy Young, Rod Crane,

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