The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen 240618 Sunday – Finale at Helmond Ring Meeting and onto Den Dungen

A bit of a lie in for everyone, our hosts kindly providing tea/coffee on a trolley for the desperate. Brilliant breakfast again with a vast range of eggs, hams, cheeses and breads. Vast activity as we broke camp and loaded cars. Our finale was at the campsite and was well attended by locals eager to watch the morris. We performed ‘Maid of the Mill’, Ilmington with Graham using flags – one English, one Dutch and one EU which caused a stir. The dance was very well received amidst the usual carnage of flying flowers and bouncing hats.

Tom’s ankle was crocked after a trip in the accordion museum and was fooling. He had put the rubber stick down the back of his trousers, a good tail between the tails of the frockcoat. Ross shushed the lads and crept up behind him and started pouring some water down the hollow rubber stick……for a few delicious seconds we could see what was about to happen….The sound of laughing disrupted the performances as Tom experienced a deluge in the crotch area, ‘I knew my bladder hadn’t popped because the water was cold….’ A mass Bonny Green to finish the dancing.

Ross was carrying about 6 tankards to the car and encountered a huge guffaw of laughter, the beer was now free and the lads thought he was heading to the bar! He did now….!

We rather smugly explained that we were off for some more camping and dancing in Holland as we said goodbye to our old and new friends. Mutual reluctance to let our resourceful Andrew Armigate leave our merry band, but back to work he had to go!

A brilliant Ring Meeting, great hospitality by our relaxed and gracious hosts and hordes of volunteers.

All packed and off to Den Dungen, near Den Bosch for another 3 nights of camping. Easy journey and we stayed in kit. Our hosts had asked if we would perform for friends, family and campers. We arrived at the utterly beautiful campsite and one contingent immediately shot off to a bar to see the end of the England vs Panama, we bemused locals when we cheered the token Panamanian goal. We arranged a performance with the owner and the deal was sealed with a free beer.

Trundled back through the lovely countryside and completed camp. Our performance in the campsite garden went down very well to quite a big crowd, including a lovely Welsh couple with vintage ‘dub and caravan. Concluding with Glorishers, Ba and our joinny inny as everyone processed in the garden. A truly lovely supper had been laid on with delish home made soups and we relaxed in the warm sun anticipating our next adventures.


Andy Pobjoy, Andrew Armitage, Tom Brady, Greg Bramwell, Ryan Cooper, Ross Healey, Tim Lloyd, Ian Young, Andy Young, Rod Crane,


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