The Living Journal of the Yateley Morris Men 131217 Pre-Christmas Mummers Tour – Basingstoke Centre

First stop – the Library! Not our normal haunt….. We followed ‘A Christmas Cracker – a miscellany of poetry and prose for the festive season, interspersed with the origins of Christmas traditions’. A pretty stunned audience soon warmed to our noisy and robust antics – although Ross’s dewey decimal ad-lib bombed spectacularly. Ian gave a talk and we all did a song. …. Lovely audience, lovely staff and an opportunity to mingle decorously over refreshments. Basingstoke Discovery Centre

Second stop, The Wheatsheaf, oh no, loud football on all the 5 screens. In went Paul, clearing the way. More stunned audience, who quickly got into the spirit of things, especially the nice Exeter MM Mark. ‘COME ON ST GEOOOORGE!’ rang out regularly…. a bit different to the library. Much chatter with punters and cheap beer (Rocking Rudolph was popular!) loosened our tongues nicely. Watching Tom trying to avoid the scores was hilarious… But back into the cold and wet….

Third Stop, The Bakers, next to a ‘Spoons so they must work hard. Another great pub with a big audience and more beer generosity from the landlord and friendly staff. Lots of chatter, photos, bonhomie and Rocking Rudolph. All looking good for a wet Wednesday in Basingstoke.

Fourth stop, about 1045, the The White Hart Basingstoke, gem of a pub. Smaller audience who we trapped in a small bar. The dog hid under the table. Well in our stride now we boomed, bashed and bled our way to glory! Hogsback Tea was very welcome and some great conversations as well.

Well done for Paul for sorting out the venues before AND during the tour. A good night out. Then again, it always is with the Mummers….! See you all on Boxing Day.

Peter Stapleton (Verdant FC), Ian Sutherland ( King George, BOO!), Tim Lloyd (Bloody Doctor), Tom Brady (Fearsome Turkish Knight), Andrew (Louche Little Swing Swang), Paul Lethbridge (Charming Red Morocca King), Ross (Noisy Noble Cap’n).

One thought on “The Living Journal of the Yateley Morris Men 131217 Pre-Christmas Mummers Tour – Basingstoke Centre

  1. Feedback:
    The White Hart Basingstoke – Everyone loved it!! Thanks for coming in guys!!
    Basingstoke Discovery Centre – Amazing evening, everyone really enjoyed themselves ( including the staff!)


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