Bartons Mill, old Basing – July 4

Fabulous weather continues. Busy Barton’s Mill as we parked up in the overflow area. Pleased to see the garden busy with happy customers enjoying the riverside location. YMM arrived in numbers, good music attendance and 12+ dancers. We were well supported by our WAGs and other friends – we are ALWAYS grateful for that support.

Much rabbiting amongst the lads, catching up on exploits and misdemeanours from Kennet last weekend and planning more mischief for Sandwich FF next weekend (mainly bacon and steak talk!). The squire, still happy with dance quality, said it was time to try some rarely danced dances – oh err, from the nervous lads.

Three good dance spots and delights included Lass of Richmond Hill (Ble), Millies Bequest (Lich), iffy Black Joke (Ble), Jigs (David playing the trouble and strife) Fighting (Whe), Go and Enlist (She) and BNP (Ilm) and indeed the quality of the dance was good. Old Molly from Bledington also tried, first time this season, I think, with the Fool stealing the hats and adorning our ladies with them!  12 men up for some Adderbury dances (including Phil!). Fool and horse were busy all evening!

Generous landlady with some great beers – always in good nick here as well. Happy crowd had plenty of questions for us (always welcome) and responded generously to the hat being passed around.

Final performance was our joinnyinny dance where we were by joined by many of the crowd, dancing into the pub…and back out again. Some light musical entertainment followed, courtesy Gunther, Clare and Ian.

Nice and relaxed, but also energetic evening!


Rod Crane, Steve Betts, David Wright, Chris Chapple, Chris Bartlett, Ian Sutherland, Tim Lloyd, Tom Brady,  Baz Crossman, Andy Pobjoy, Phil Goddard,  Gunther Clausen, Ryan Cooper, Greg Bramwell, Andrew Young, Ian Young , Andrew Armitage, Paul Lethbridge, Ross Healey, Rob Acreman (lurking in mufti) The Beastly One.

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