May 17, The Squirrel and Tilly Shilling, Farnborough

We hadn’t been to the Squirrel for years, quite an oversight as the pub was a gem, light and comfy with a great range of reasonably priced beers. A good turnout, we danced energetically for an enthusiastic crowd enjoying the sunny garden. We were separated by a row of cars and a picket fence, but the horse soon invaded the garden delighting a small group of fillies. Dancing was crisp. Andy’s experimental hawthorn hat design disintegrated early in proceedings leaving the ground strewn with spikey traps, soon joined by a cacophony of large bells (did you know we have 3 different size bells on out bellpads?) bouncing like marbles…. Final dance was our popular joinnyinny dance where the Fool lead the dancers into a startled pub and into the gents toilets.

Onto the Tilly Shilling for another good range of beers (inc our local Ascot Ales brewery, the porter was excellent) at good prices, even better with 50p vouchers being used. Sadly the enormous bi-fold doors were closed, restricting our access to diners and imbibers. We were tormented by the wafts from Papa Johns pizza house all evening…. XXL 12 slices 9.99….. The crowd turned out, strollers stopped, smartphones out for videos, cars beeped and the Fool’s bellowing bounced off the business building all night. A very amiable environment. We usually have some rather jolly locals spontaneously joining in and tonight was no exception! Our Ryan took the hat into the pub, amazing the questions that people have… Some pretty good dancing and good jigging all evening. A Jockey Up to finish.  A quiet finish as we all went in to get stuck into the value beer…..

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