16 May, Sandhurst – three pubs and an accident…

A right damp and soggy evening was soon dispelled as we started promptly at 745, cue long discussion about synching of dates on assorted media! Excellent turn out from dancers and musicians. We love going away, but Tuesday nights at the pubs is our real delight.

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The Rose & Crown is an old favourite, always with an interesting selection of good beers and at pretty good prices (there was a lot of wincing at beer prices on the previous Sat in Rich/Twick/King area) – delicious! Tight dancing area on the boingy (sprung) decking, interested locals turned out to watch and we were off. Tidy enough set, with Bumpus O’Stretton looking particularly good. Dancing finished fairly abruptly when the decking suddenly stopped being boingy and snapped underfoot. ‘I was only doing a hands around….’ Squire and Bagman ‘fessed up to a relaxed landlord.

Off to the Village Inn with some of the audience following us and many of the lads walking. The rain eased off quickly and we headed out to the excellent garden, a sort of African village feel with agreeable punters comfortably sat under thatched shelters. Tarmac was cautiously prodded…Plenty of room now as we started doing more of our 8 man dances. Energetic jigs caused Elliott’s britches to fail…. The pub turned out and we performed to a lively, generous and happy audience. Millie’s Bequest pretty good (better each time!), Valentine solid and MotM, Eynsham  with the lovely Maya being hoisted was the highlight. Invitations to our final joinny inny  dance were accepted eagerly and we ended up dancing through the pub and out the other side, to the utter surprise of the patrons. Great session!

Very dark and murky now we headed off to the Wellie, usually bustling with crowds of imbibers on the extensive decking. But not tonight. All very quiet indeed.  After snapping, splitting and a new warning about the decking we opted to dance on the concrete.  We danced pretty much for ourselves, the squire asking for requests – it has been a while since we did Orange in Bloom, Sherbourne. The rain started again and we called it a night.

Funny old world, the morris world. The Fool has been contentedly showing off his ‘edible hat display’, inviting all comers to identify the contents (for the sad these were  rosemary, wild garlic flowers, mint and chive flowers). Pretty odd. Even odder when another dancer said that he had an edible display as well…. Only in the morris!


Rod Crane, Steve Betts, David Wright, Chris Chapple, John Reeves, Chris Barlett, Ryan Cooper, Gareth Brown (briefly in mufti!), Greg Bramwell, Gunther Clausen, Tim Lloyd, Elliott Brady, Tom Brady, Andrew Young, Ian Young,  Andrew Armitage, Max Haynes, Andy Pobjoy, Paul Lethbridge, Rob Acreman (where’s yer kit?), Ross Healey, the Brute

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