August 30, The Chequers, Eversley and the Dog & Partridge, Yateley

August 30, The Chequers, Eversley and the Dog & Partridge, Yateley

A popular spot with the large car park almost full. A fine evening and a good, interested crowd at the Chequers who were up for a bit of banter. A good dancing area – all excellent. Good dancing as well, even though we were still creaking from our exertions of the previous day at Swallowfield.  Happy bellowing and blathering from the lately arrived Fool who had noisily lost an exhaust. Gentle horsing amongst the delighted crowd. Good, tidy and well received performance.

Off to our home pub, now pretty dark to happily find a larger than normal audience including a couple of ex-squires (shamelessly begging for free beer, as if…!) and a number of good friends of YMM. Relaxed set of dancing in the gloom, much cheering as the timed lighting came on – much better. Again , some good dancing and a smart performance.  Conversation continued unto late, mainly about the DoD, Highclere/Cask&Cork, general gibbering and new officers with Gunther’s tunes wafting on the warm winds…..

Divas : Steve B, Chris B, Chris C, Peter, Gunther, Tom, Timbo, Paul, Baz, Andy A, Andy P, Rossco, Greg  and the Brute

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