August 16, Queen’s Head and The Ship, Wokingham

August 16, Queen’s Head and The Ship, Wokingham

Definitely a party mood this evening as we were joined by our good friends, Ellington Morris who arrived in good numbers. A spectacularly beautiful evening on the picturesque terrace outside the Queen’s Head, a perfect location with happy customers filling the tables in the warm sunshine.

Hugging, shouting and general morris braying started immediately as the sides swopped news and views. The Yateley fool was quickly into action, mucking around in the dances with both sides to tolerant amusement from all. The generous landlady brought out beer (hoorah and thank you!) and was all smiles all evening! Well, except when our brute rocked up….

Some good beers on as well, the Queen’s Head own bitter and a welcome Loddon brewery offering. The lovely Philippa was our ‘Maid of the Mill’ and was hoisted into the air with a barbarous shout and much applause. We all enjoyed Ellington’s exuberant and sometimes speedy dances, especially the Lichfield tradition. Both sides had brought lots of guests and we were a big noisy party.

A long walk to the Ship, passing with perplexion a number of likely looking dance spots and pubs – defo an extended walking tour for next year – we did a tour of (I think) 8 pubs years ago , ending up in the (now gone) ‘Pin and Bowl’ at 1025, 5 mins before it closed!

Great bonhomie between the sides continued, with happy banter flowing. We danced to quite late, Feathers and Balance the Straw looking good from YMM. Only a small crowd, but they did enjoy what they saw and many stayed out watching the dance and joined in the customary deliciously shambolic Bonny Green Garters. A pleasant enough impromptu, alfresco music session completed proceedings. Gareth presented the delighted fool with a collection of new whiffling batons (feather dusters to you and me..) so be warned!

A really cracking evening, thank you Ellington. We are looking forward to seeing you all and the bog seat at the Day of Dance!

– Music. Steve and Chris
– Dancers. Tim, Paul, Ian, Andy x3, Peter, Baz, Elliott, Greg, Gareth, Rossco. Beast.

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